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One-Card Meanings for Lenormand - A Beginner's Class

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 20, 2012 at 1:45 PM

Lenormand is not read in single cards as much as in the way the cards combine together to create unique blends. But before you can "cook the Lenormand recipe," you need to know each of the ingredients.

So here are some suggestions for card meanings. These are by no means comprehensive or complete, but a means to get you started. In acutal readings, each of the cards are impacted by the cards beside them.  I am heavily influenced by the French systemof reading Lenormand.

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Card Meanings:

1. Rider – messages, moving along, happens quickly, transportation but without an engine (Ship card has a motor), horseback riding, lover who moves through quickly

2. Clover  - little luck, good, small amount of good fortune, small gamble. Grass or greenery. Not the big outcome (which would be flower or sun), but a little perk.

3. Ship – transportation, things with an engine, travel, foreign or foreigner, moving, commerce, International.

4. House – family, tight group of people, property, house

5. Tree – health, legacy, long time, slow but steady growth, family history or lineage

6. Clouds – confusion, misled, storms, depression, unpleasant person, someone who stirs things up by causing misunderstandings, in a fog, smoky

7. Snake – deceit, overt lies, envy, jealousy, the other woman, a competing person, a scam that is recognized or seen for what it is. May describe something long and thin like wiring, a hose, cable. A hurtful bite, snake oil, hurtful person. Nemesis.

8. Coffin – over, painful ending, sickness, a box, grief, done for good (whereas Stork may be gone but coming back).

9. Bouquet – big luck, a gift,talent, present, flowers, something beautiful, surprise

10. Scythe – cut, hurt, surgery, fast elimination, sarcasm, dry wit, sharp words, sharp tools or objects, danger, pain, pruned away, harvest

11.  Rod/Whip– repetitive pattern, over and over, sweeping away, painful, punishment, abuse, debates or verbal altercation, sex, criticism, to belittle.

12.  Birds–  voice, talking, gossip, singing, small meetings of people, two people, used to mean an older couple, talking by phone, some use for “pairs” or two of  something. Next to a harsh card like the Scythe it can mean gossip, chatter, negotiations, using the phone. Traditionally showed 2 owls, so 2 people, usually an older couple.

13.  Child– innocent, naïve, just starting out, youth, a son or daughter, small, child-like, new, literal child.

14.  Fox– covert lies, undercover, manipulator, wears a mask, deceiver, liar, scam artist or conman,  clever, charming with bad intent, using cunning street smarts, could mean a small job or source of income, avocation or work, clever, cunning, street smarts, doing slick acts to get by. May be an entrepreneur.

15. Bear – Boss or authority figure, manager, strength, burly, large job, motherly, financial worth, watches over, protective, burly

16. Stars– hope, aspiration, visible, networking, internet, metastasizing, a wish, many of something, something at night, spreading

17. Stork– migrates, moving, relocating, changes, long legs, birth/delivery, cycle. "If it ends, it may return."

18. Dog– loyal, friend, trustworthy, dependable, a pet, there for you (but look at surrounding cards).

19. Tower– corporate, large office job,  hierarchy of people, solitude or isolation (Rapunzel), boundaries, alone, structured rules, big business.

20. Garden– Groups of people, conventions, large meetings or gatherings, celebrations, parties, events in public.

21. Mountain– obstacle, long climb, difficult process, uphill climb, heavy process, hard to do, lots of effort and time, roadblock. Something in your way.

22. Path/Crossroad– choice, decisions, discernment, two of something, approaching a time ofchange or choices. A split of something.

23.Mice– taking away, thief, stealing, making less than, disease, sickness, worrisome, pests, makes less than.

24. Heart– love, romance, passion, can be a literal heart (heart and scythe would be heart surgery).

25. Ring– promise, commitment, relationship, marriage or long-term relationship, binding, contract, can be a literal ring, earring, or other piece of jewelry, engagement

26. Book– diary, secrets, learning, knowledge, studies, college or school, training, authoring, publishing (book and tower is a publisher, school or library), literal book.

27.   Letter– correspondence through writing, emails, texting, letter, prescription or written message, printed materials, fax, a written record of something, prescription or diagnosis in writing.

28.  Man– Man client or someone significant to the story who is a male

29. Woman– woman client, or someone significant to the story who is a female

30.  Lilies– trust, harmony, elder, innocence, purity, peace, well-intended, honest, older mentor, takes time to develop (like a 401K).

31.  Sun– joy, happiness, enlightenment, exposure, electricity, ego, out in the open,shining one’s light, seen,in the spotlight.

32. Moon– reputation, the face we put on for the world, how we are seen, psychic, nighttime, dreams, with the Sun and Stars = fame

33.  Key– The answer, what unlocks the mystery, the pivot, the important thing to note, enlightenment, the way in, the secret knowledge, ability

34. Fish– money, abundance, an increase, sperm, attention, entrepreneur energy, assets, the person's "currency of need."

35. Anchor– setting port, staying put, stable, security, hard work, may mean near the ocean. Can potentially lift the anchor in the future.

36.   Cross– burden, sacrifice, martyr, oppression, spiritual, fate, oppression, metaphoric "cross on your back."


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