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Sociopaths: Why I Care.

Posted by Donnaleigh on September 30, 2012 at 1:15 PM

  S E V E N   o f   S W O R D S ,

Above, Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law,

The artist, Stephanie Pui-Min Law, says of this card (used with permission):

"Escaping responsibility, making away with that which is not yours, uncertainty, keeping something to yourself, dishonor, being two-faced.

He hides his face behind a mask, shrouding his true nature, and he smirks in a rather satisfied way that he has managed to steal one of the swords that the Swan Guardian oversees. He thinks the Guardian is oblivious, but she is in fact watching him with one eye. "What have you got there? Shiny bauble! Shiny bright!" the blackbirds demand, drawn to the sullen gleam. He turns his back to them as well; for he is the cleverest Blackbird to have been able to draw this Sword from the Stone."


The Sociopath's Target

I'm sometimes asked, "Why do you post about sociopaths or psychopaths on your page?" I know some think it's out of place because I tend to be very optimistic and positive (I am), and it seems contrary to the other things I post. (That's true).

So why do I do it? For one good reason:


Sociopaths prey on empaths. My people. Us. YOU. They are skilled manipulators and they take advantage of what YOU have most that they don't have: empathy, caring, compassion. It's hard for empaths to imagine such a thing can't exist in a person. But these qualities truly don't exist in them (but they can fake it reeeal nice for show). You are nothing more than a tool for them to get noticed.


Sociopaths are predators and parasites (fact). And guess who they prey on? US. YOU. (Reality check). People who are love and light and rescue and goodness...we are the ones who they attach to (fact). Co-dependency begins. Rescuers enable them. Non-rescuers have better boundaries against them. But we don't want to shut out the world, right?

Sociopaths pull on our heartstrings to lure us into their web. They know how to manipulate *your* empathy onto them. And use you.


Be aware of who is around you, particularly on the internet, where your chances of being parasited by one are much higher because you have a larger cross-section of people around you. Lies are part of their game, pity and victimization are also usually part of their shtick; pompous "I" statements by them are clear red flags (very important and easy to notice once you are looking). Notice how much they talk about themselves. Pity statements when they are "misunderstood" after bad behavior are very common.


Sociopaths con for pleasure or profit, demonstrate repeated lying, and often use aliases. They are all around us. Yes, even in our sweet, warm little community of light givers. They rationalize the pain they inflict on others. And they are reckless with YOUR safety or well being.They will decimate you to protect their own lies and stories.

They also seem charming at first glance (this is how you are lured in).


Protect yourself. It is the best way to keep your world a positive place. Shine your light while not picking up every stray (metaphoric) cat and dog. Stay positive. But stay REAL. Keep your feet on the ground and realize that empaths are the perfect prey for sociopaths/psychopaths. (And, for what it's worth, psychopaths are NOT the same as psychotics).

This is not being negative, this is being aware. Keep your world clean so that what you DO empathize with .... is real.

I've been affected by them; you are very likely to be affected by them. Knowledge is Power. Educating yourself is a safe and positive action you can take to keep your world safe and bright.


Above, Q U E E N   o f   S W O R D S

From the Shadowscapes Tarot  By Stephanie  Pui-Mun Law,

The artist says of this queen:

"With her blade the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deceptions to the heart of truth. She is honesty and inner knowledge, sending forth her winged seekers into the world. They are an extension of her being and her soul.

The blinding white is the color of purity, honesty, clarity, uncompromised balance; but also of distance, and sometimes death, for sometimes to get to truth one must cast off the old to discard pretense and guile.

The Queen of Swords is an intelligent woman, loyal, witty, and humorous in her forthright way. She is valued for her accurate perceptions of the world around her, and her experiences.

In the language of flowers, purple dragon lilies are symbols of inner strength, and white chrysanthemums of truth."


Why is Empathy So Important?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama states it beautifully:

"Our innate capacity for empathy is the source of that most precious of all human qualities, which in Tibetan we call nying je. Now while generally translated simply as compassion, the term nyingje has a wealth of meaning that is difficult to convey succinctly, though the ideas it contains are universally understood. It connotes love, affection, kindness, gentleness, generosity of spirit, and warmheartedness. It is also used as a term of both sympathy and of endearment.

"When we act out of concern for others, our behavior toward them is automatically positive. This is because we have no room for suspicion when our hearts are filled with love."

Here's wishing you a lifetime of safe and healthy relationships.



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