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Fortune Telling Predicts AND Protects

Posted by Donnaleigh on August 4, 2012 at 1:55 PM


"You are free to make your own choices.

You are not, however,

free from the consequences of your choices."


I've heard readers say:

"Fortune Tellers take away your free will.

Fortune Tellers consider the future pre-determined,

as if it is written in stone.

So I won't predict the future."

Uh...let's talk about this.

Many people complain that Fortune Telling is fatalistic so they shun the term "Fortune Teller." Yes, even people that DO fortune telling often won't call themselves "Fortune Tellers." They feel that assuming we know the future means you have no control over it, and that the words "fortune teller" contain semantics that are derogatory.

To those people, I say, "PSHHHAW! I heartily disagree. HAIL to the Fortune Tellers!"

I tell fortunes. And this involves also reading how people can alter their future. Because the future will change based on your choices. If you had a cookie cutter life that was all pre-determined, what would be the purpose of living it if you are just a mechanical movement?  Rather, I know you can feel within you the tension of choice when something comes before you that requires a decision. You aren't sleepwalking. You know there is importance to your choices, because they shift energies and experiences...and futures. We inherently feel this, and thus we worry.

I believe there are certain things we are meant to walk through, events to which we can only respond and experience: death, illness, some cultural catastrophes, political injustices, personalities of those around us, job conditions when we cannot find work... And then there are other things that our choices can alter.. whether for good or ill.  


Let me give you a personal experience. I recently had a reading with Lenormand teacher and expert Rana George. She is what I consider a "Super Seer." It was powerful, magnificent, clear and precise. Mind blowing, actually. I did not need to bring my question or problem to her. Instead, she asked me to please tell her nothing, and the cards immediately brought my problem to her with great precision. From her first breath she described my conundrum. She knew I had a decision to make and she told me why it was bothering me. The then told me of the consequences of that decision and what then would happen.

It was alarming.

But I knew what she described would happen as a result.  She was right. I knew my situation well.


So I asked her, "What if I decide against it? What if I just don't do it?  Will all those bad things still happen? Are they contingent on me making this decision?" And she shared with me what I found to be true: "Let's do another spread and see what will happen if you decide not to do it."

And the reading continued.

I knew I had a choice. It is why I agonized for so long. And I knew my choices have consequences. I learned what those consequences were with great clarity in the reading when Rana described the outcome and the people involved and the way the chips would fall. And then I learned that if I changed the pivot -- the decision -- that my direction can potentially shift the falling of the chips.

Rana "fortune told."  With dramatic accuracy and powerful details, she confirmed people and events that linked my past to my future. And she helped me control my consequences.

Likewise, this is what I like to bring to my clients.

I "fortune tell." I help them gain control over their futures based on the decisions they make. Being on the other end of the fortune telling table gave me great clarity on the power of prediction and consequences. When I experienced it first hand as a recipient, the result was -- quite literally -- life-altering. I went from feeling confused and concerned and having clarity and wisdom and comfort.


Rana didn't pigeonhole me into a future. It was not as if I had no control.

Different choice? Ah, the choice now fosters a different environment. And yes, we can see what "will be in the future" within the cards. We can see the future just as precisely as Rana saw what was in my past and in my present.

Can you see the future? Yes you can see the future. You can actually see many futures.


So for those who use the word "Fortune Teller" with a derogatory scoff, I say, "You misunderstand."

You are assuming the future has no relationship to anything I choose. You're assuming that I will have no mind of my own when I peer into what will or could be. And you're assuming I am handing my power to the reader.

A predictive reading can give me every bit as much power over my life and can give me clarity over my choices, and is just as much involving how much free will I have as the more psychological spreads have.


The trick is to find a reader who gives you alternatives when you see a future that concerns you. Is it something you can walk around? Or is it something you need to walk through? If there is something you don't like, see whether there are alternatives if other choices are made. Make sure your reader respects the gift of choice, and where it lies in your life.

A good reader will tell you the flexibility of your future.  And they will be honest about what they see.    And even from there, you still have the freedom to take the reader's advice or not.

But whatever you choose after you leave the table, you don't have the freedom of escaping the consequences of your choice.  Live wisely.

“When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action. When you desire a consequence you had damned well better take the action that would create it.”

― Lois McMaster Bujold, Memory


Predicting is not for everyone. Readers should do the types readings they feel most comfortable doing. This blog is not in any meant to put down other styles of reading, as I do those, too and totally recognize their value and power. Tarot has many ways of reacing us. Tarot can do terrific dream analaysis, work great for journal prompts, and is a wonderful tool for psychological probing. The list of skills tarot can bring to us is as unlimited as the number of card combinations that can arrive.

This Blog's intent is to give back pride to those who feel dissed by others who pressure them into not predicting or using the word predicting, or who feel smaller by people who put down the word "fortune teller." Predicting has every bit as much value as do the other types of readings, and after doing it for years, it works. But if you as a reader don't feel comfortable doing it, it may not be the avenue that is the best fit for you. Everyone is unique and should follow their soul path. Only you know what is right for you. Live it fully, and love the journey.

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