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Tea Time (Tea Leaf Reading)

Posted by Donnaleigh on March 1, 2012 at 10:20 PM

"My dear, if you could give me a cup of tea

to clear my muddle of a head

I should better understand your affairs."

-Charles Dickens

Welcome to my little tea house.

I'm learning to do tea leaf readings, and am enjoying the treasures I am finding in my cup. Won't you share with me what you see in the dregs?

Today's reading was done with Sharkawi Farm Flavored Black Tea ("Rose Congou"), and for the very first time, I used my new Cup of Destiny.

Here's what I see in the reading.

And below, I describe why.

 Almost everything here speaks of a journey, of good luck, and of the warmth of people around me (despite sometimes clouded perceptions, multiple distractions and other things happening).

There is a woman I see at the center of the cup, and the woman is  me.

I am about to go on a journey. I see E.T. as her head, suggesting that something about myself feels alien or unknown. Or maybe I don't understand what I'm thinking, or I feel like an outsider in a strange land. I'm preparing and packing for a preparation for the change or journey is in one hand, and a stick of protection is in another. In the meantime, I'm feeding my flock.

I'm looking for a wish, a wish to understand the merging of my dreams versus the problems they bring. How do I perceive these thoughts? Are they a blessing or a curse? I guess it depends on how I look at the blob above me: is it a dark, foreboding cloud. Or Aladdin's wish-come-true lamp? It could go either way, depending on my perception.

There is success and good luck around me that is divided between me and dear friends with whom I find warmth.

I am heading on a personal journey of enlightenment and part of it is to be learned through my community of friends and my warm connection with those I enjoy being with. There is much luck around me, even though sometimes I feel a cloud may follow me.

Shape up, girl! I have to see it for what it really is.

What I've done is graduate to the next level, having learned my lesson and passed the test, and now I'm ready to move on and walk a brand new path! 

The journey I will be taking may be a powerful walk through a tarot reading I just purchased. I hope I find what I wish for in the lamp. I am looking for a piece of myself when I rub that lamp. If this is about the tarot reading, it looks like there will be very good communication, a lucky harbinger here in the cup!

The journey it references may be one I'm taking out of state. My uncle is in the final stages of cancer, and I will be traveling to his service to represent our family. There, I'll see many of my cousins who I don't get to see very often.

Want to know how I saw that story in the cup?

Here Are The Individual Symbols Broken Down....


The first image that popped out at me is the woman in the center. She looks to me like she is carrying a suitcase in one hand, and a stick in the other.

Queenofcups Dimercurio on Facebook said, "maybe you'll have time to use that stick more defensively." This is actually a very profound statement to me, as this is the life lesson I am trying to learn at this point of my life. Boundaries.

  Mary Griffin, creator of The Hezicos Tarot, wrote, "I see a woman too but with a book in her hand and over her head a cloud of self doubt which will go, I also see a plane at the bottom, could be some travel. If you are thinking of writing a book Donnaleigh and not sure.......go for it! xxx"

And she is right! I am writing a book!


One person saw a cloud over her head. I can relate to that! 

Muddled thinking, worry, it following me like a rain cloud. Lately it fits.

Clouds meaning – There are some challenges heading your way, with dots you will be dealing with more than one matter at a times.

Damn. There's dots. And yes, that is true.


Above the woman's head hovers a tea pot with a short spout or, as I first saw it, Aladdin's Lamp.

Is a wish coming true about to pour upon her? Or is the cloud above her as she perceives it to be: bad luck (dark cloud), or good luck (Aladdin's Lamp). Is it all just a matter of perception?

A teapot suggests warm, loving friends.

Queen of Cups saw somethingi else instead of a lamp. She saw an anvil! "Looks as though the anvil has already hit (your head) and is bouncing off." I get that! The cosmic 2 x 4 did hit me, and I did pack my bags and walk away as a result. It also sent me on a soul journey to figure out why it happened.

Angi Trout on Facebook saw this cloud/lamp figure as being a graduation cap....a wonderful nod to  having successfully completed something where a lesson was learned. Woot!


At 3:00 on the cup, over the star symbol, I see a math division sign.

The star in this cup is meant to represent success, recognition and praise. With the division sign, it is likely success divided amongst many. I can relate to that, too.

The rim of the cup, where this symbol resides, indicates the present.


Someone mentioned birds around her head, and that perhaps she is scattering seed for them. I see that!

I wonder if she is protecting herself with a stick while she feeds the flock?


I see a man's smoking pipe just above the lamp/teapot.

According to tea leaf reading references, a pipe can mean a visit from a dear friend.

I see it as meaning my Dad because he smoked pipes when I was younger and now I have some worries about Dad.

Mercury is about communication, conversations, travel and knowledge.There is the travel reference again. And there may be an imminent physical journey in my life, as my uncle is in the final stages of cancer, and he lives out of state. I may be traveling to attend his service following his passing.

But I see this merge of Mercury and Pipe as my communication with my father at this time, and needing to keep in close contact with him. I may have to pack my bags and visit his house overnight shortly for health reasons that need tending to in his home. The communication between him and me has been profoundly important as my mom's health has rapidly declined.


I see a squirrel on the Mercury symbol at about 11:00.

The squirrel is a sign of contentment and cheerfulness; although you may never be rich you will be loved by those around you and, on the whole, will lead a happy life.I also see squirrels as animals that prepare for their future by putting away things, burying the nuts for future use.

I also see squirrels as things that divert our attention, as our dogs will go bananas at the word "Squirrel!"

Matt Williams noted, "The squirrel in Mercury really stuck out for me in reading what you saw in the cup. This seemed to indicate a need to keep your communication focused and on point. Be cautious against distractions that remove you from the task and purpose at hand. Squirrels can be great workers, but they have a wicked case of shiny object syndrome."


The Letter M

There's a tiny M on Jupiter at about 12:00.

Jupiter is luck, expansion, benefit, warming encounters, long-distance friendships, or trips.

Someone with an M name? Mom? My sister Mimi?

My sister and I are planning a wonderful day together for our birthday next month. Could be that!


I see the Rolling Stones lips logo on the Horseshoe symbol.

Lips are romance and love, sooo...

This may mean lucky in love and romance....agreed!

The mouth could also point to communication. There is luck and good fortune in communicating, when the lips merge with the lucky horseshoe.


Jason Xolmer saw something I completely missed:

"The figure immediately above the woman in the middle seemed a bit like a duck to me. I can also see a very small duck at "7 o'clock" near the Moon, and a raven/crow perched on the star in Saturn. I see an angel (like that in the Judgement card) by the Sun and a train by Venus. I'm picking up a sense of utterly mixed and scattered emotions.

" Seems like somebody wants to travel to see their children now that the seasons are changing. Or to see nieces and nephews/grandchildren?"

Jason  asked if my uncle keeps ducks or likes duck hunting. While he doesn't hunt or collect ducks, I looked up "duck" in tea leaf reading meanings, and it can mean money coming (we got a huge tax return), a man named Bill, or putting one's ducks in a row' (and my uncle is definitely putting his ducks in a row as he plans for his departure and leaving his family behind.)

Very powerful.


One larger bird in flight is flying at the lower side of the cup up toward the moon symbol at bottom.

The moon is our innermost feelings and most intimate relationships, and it asks us to pay attention to our dreams.

Birds mean: Psychic powers, movement, motion, good luck, a lucky sign; good news if flying, a fortunate journey. More traveling to go with the Mercury symbol and the woman's suitcase!

If flying, a bird means good news from the direction it comes. If at rest a fortunate journey.

But this bird is flying toward the moon, so the journey is an innermost one, toward the soul.


I see a bridge or path between the diamond and heart symbols printed at the top of the cup.

The diamond suggests an important time for your goals, ambitions,and life direction. Expect positive developments and increased self-confidence.

The heart suggests love and romance, spending some time with your partner, or the beginning of a new relationship. "Your home life is also important to you now, which could signify a move or making improvements on your current home.

Yes, yes, yes.

The brige between the two...having success and time in achievements divided with having success and time at home ... this bridge is a constant challenge in our busy lives.

The path between body (diamond/pentacle) and emotions or feelings (heart) can also be the mind/body connection, which I'm improving through learning about Qi Gong.


I see a fish swimming toward the astrological sun symbol at the bottom of the cup (circle with a dot in the center).  The fish is swimming to the right, the direction of the future, but also the direction of the sun, or light, or enlightenment and understanding.

The cup's companion booklet says that the sun symbol means "You can make a positive impact on circumstances and people now. This symbol means creativity, joy, and success."

A fish means "very good fortune" as well as "spiritual progress."

A fish can also mean "sharing of knowledge; a teacher; a person born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces."  I am a teacher, my husband was born under the sign of Pisces, and the sun is me entering the joy of his world as well as simming in the river of teaching.


If you've made it this far in the blog, you may be interested in a fun podcast Aphrodisiastes Le Fay found about tea leaf readings. This episode is wonderful and also speaks of the history of the craft.

Interview with Catherine Yronwode on Tea Leaf Reading, on Lainie Sips

Here's wishing you a wonderful week of sipped sweetness.



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