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Angel Readings


 Gentle, wise, always for the Highest Good. What is your Divine Plan?

 Like all of Donnaleigh's readings, there is nothing computer-generated about these gentle Angel readings. Highly individualized, this experience will connect you with the wisdom of the Angels.

Angel readings are deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who desire the loving guidance only the Angels can provide. Angel readings can be life-changing and really help you with personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. They help one deal with the challenges life continually presents. This spiritual support system is very reassuring. Angels want us to live our lives to its full potential. They want us to honor our Divine gifts and fulfill our life purpose.

Angels always counsel us from a place of love, so connecting with your Angels is always a gentle, positive, and uplifting experience. 

Angel readings are very different from other types of readings. The reading will center on you -- your spiritual and personal growth -- rather than telling you specific details on the day to apply for a job, or the name of your future partner. Questions like "when and where" you will meet your next significant other and what they will be like, or "which college will accept me," are better addressed in a Tarot or oracle reading.

But if you can't figure out why the same challenges keep resurfacing or what you're doing wrong to prevent a situation from resolving, an Angel reading can help get you back on track. Bringing balance to your life, these gentle readings help provide Divine guidance which is always for the Highest Good. When we open ourselves to hear our Angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.



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