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A little about me...

I believe everyone ha
s a psychic story.
I have one, and I'll bet you have one,  too.
I am a retired pediatric audiologist after 34 years of work.  I have been involved in animal rescue as well as therapy dog work, visiting hospice patients with our two certified therapy dogs. This work kept me in close proximity to the important things in life: what we are meant to accomplish on our mission here on Earth. Seeing people during their last moments in life reflecting on the big things in their life -- their joys, their regrets, their families and loves, their desires and dreams -- has taught me much about how to live my own life. Life is precious, and understanding how our behavior patterns impact our actions can make very dramatic changes in our outcomes.


When I became certified in Quantum Touch Healing and then later was attuned to Usui Reiki, I soon found myself on a deeply intuitive journey that was opened up to me through these healing energies. I learned that energy work provides powerful openings and I sought to explore this as much as I could through psychic circles and tuning into my intuitive side.


In the process of uncovering Tarot's ancient mysteries, I learned that Tarot is a powerful and wise voice where life information becomes accessible to us through our subconscious, leading us toward our best outcomes. Tarot is often misunderstood, and it can be used in even the most respected professional psychology sessions. Tarot opened up my intuition and a whole new world became available to me.  I wish was part of every school's curriculum. We have so much to learn about ourselves through it, and we can heal so much through learning about ourselves.

My credentials and intuitive volunteer work:

Tarot and Lenormand are my passions. As much as I love reading the cards, though, I am most inspired to teach others to read for themselves. And there my life journey has taken me to some remarkable people and places.

I am a Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR) through the Tarot Certification Board of America. I have studied under Certified Tarot Grand Masters at The Tarot School (located in NYC),  as well as with The American Tarot Association (ATA). I have also enjoyed writing as a contributor to Tarosophy International Magazine, the American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal, as well as the ATA's Tarot Reflections Newsletter. I've contributed to several accompanying manuals to cards created by famed deck creator, Ciro Marchetti. 

For many years I volunteered as an Experienced Reader on the ATA's Free Tarot Network and a Senior Reader on the ATA's Free Reading Network. I also provided mentorship to adult tarot students learning the ancient art of Tarot. I love watching people experience Tarot for the first time as a reader and I share their excitement.

Professional conferences, workshops and activities include: 

  • One of three key presenters at the 2013 Tarot Conclave in Pennsylvania, USA, twice: once to teach tarot, and once to teach Lenormand.
  • Readers Studio 2011, Breakfast discussion. 
  • Main presenter at the Confraria Brasileira de Tarot conference (Brazil Tarot Conference), 2013.
  • I've given many live classes and workshops on how to read tarot and the Lenormand.
  • I had a podcast on Tarot and Lenormand teachings that was voted the best annual podcast several years in a row by the metaphysical industry.
  • I have provided consultation to major deck creators and participated in the writings of the accompanying manuals of books.
  • I've provided courses on Lenormand through the World Lenormand Association
  • I have taught Lenormand in a multi-continent classroom online with Rana George and Bjorn Meuris

I have a strong code of ethics which you can view here,  and I constantly expanding the breadth of my Tarot knowledge though study and experience.Tarot is not something to be learned in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Tarot is a lifetime of experiential learning and wisdom. I love continuing my education by working with Tarot and Lenormand Teachers worldwide.

I have had two Reiki Attunements and I am certified in Quantum Touch Healing.



I am likely best known for the work I did on the award-winning Tarot Tribe (Beyond Worlds) Radio Podcast  at as well as my teachings through my YouTube Channel.

 I co-hosted my podcast with several dynamic and well-known tarot readers, and we each read tarot a little differently (but with much overlap). Listeners heard great tarot variety while finding new systems to add to their own reading style. We were fortunate that our tarot podcast consistently turned up in "the best of tarot" each year. 



 Unrelated to my cartomancy work, in 2023, I retired from full-time work in a pediatric medical profession for which I have an advanced college degree. This occupation is something else I felt very passionate about and know I was meant to be doing. We learn so much through children. We owe them the best lives we can give them.

I am a devoted mom of a now-grown son, and have been heavily involved in animal rescue. My late dog, Gizz, my little furry kindred spirit, was a dog I've spent many lifetimes with. Until I was reconnected with him, I was on a search for something without an answer. When I found him, I was home again. Gizz was born with 3 legs, and one of his remaining front legs was deformed. He was an ambassador for "Better-than-Perfect" dogs, and  volunteered as a certified therapy dog in hospice and for group homes. He was my hero. He had no idea he has limitations, he just RAN!  Isn't this a lesson for all of us?

I am married to my best friend, who I met in high school and was separated from for 33 years. We are now living our best lives together and he fully support my wild and eclectic tarot journey.

Learning to hear the obvious:

Another piece of useless trivia about me: I am a lover of nature and the seasons, and over 35 years ago I memorized more than 300 bird songs and bird calls of Northeastern wild birds and I can identify wild birds quickly, completely by ear. Not only has this assisted the Audubon Society for fund-raisers, it has also deeply enhanced my connection with Mother Earth. I am always connected with what surrounds me. I find it amusing to go birding (bird watching) with friends and watch them trying to figure out what is flitting above the leaves with their binoculars fixated in an "up" position. Because when the bird lets out one chirp, I know what it is! Is that psychic?  No. But it sure is a ton of fun! However, it also shows that when something is right in front of us and all the signs are there...often we don't stop to hear the obvious. So much passes us every day that is right before us. And that is where it ties in with my intuitive world. We all have a sixth sense, but we tend to push it aside. I finally just decided to listen.

May you hear it, too. 

May you become all that you were meant to be.



Tarot legend, author, and International Tarot teacher,

"Donnaleigh, I read your article in the latest ATA Journal and thought it was wonderful. What an amazing experience and so well told. It's one of the best articles that I've read in a long time. I couldn't stop reading and was so impressed by the compassion and insight you showed."



Tarot icon, author and International Tarot teacher
says of our Radio show:
"This is what the Tarot world needs, less mysterious old Gypsy lady, more rock star. People often ask, where will/should the Tarot go in the new century. Now I know. Rock star! Larry King show! Oprah! Donnaleigh!"


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