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On November 19, 2011, Linette Voller of joined Your Tarot Tribe, Beyond Worlds, at the outset of our episode featuring Rachel Pollack and Rachel's discussion on Tarot Creativity.

That episode can be heard HERE.

Below is the handout for Rachel's jewelry (scroll down) and Linette's illustrations for her tarot tip for making  tarot weights.

Above, the finished product: a sample weight on a tarot card.

Adding the glue, above.

Making the selection, above

Sizing and preparing to cut, above.

Ta-da! The finished weight!


Linette adds:

"I ended up making a whole batch of these this evening, so many!  I lost track of it and ended up making 70 of them!  If I'd only made 8 more I would have had one per card ;)

I also used my website logo for some of them (the sun) so they felt even more personalised, and might give a good impression to seekers, who knows?"





Below, Maribeth Pittman's lovely piece, from the Omega Conference two years ago. Maribeth is an administrator at



Piece below, owned by Kelli S.


Above, Queen of Pentacles, RS 11




Above piece, The Empress, currently available for purchase.

Contact Rachel at [email protected]



 Above piece currently available for purchase.

African Bones, fire agate, citrine, and more.

Contact Rachel at [email protected]


  Above piece, The Chariot, currently available for purchase.

Agate, blue agate, sterling silver.

Contact Rachel at [email protected]


  Above piece currently available for purchase.

Contact Rachel at [email protected]

   Above piece currently available for purchase.

African artifact, solid brass, totem piece, worn in ceremonies.

All the beads are African.

The Spirit God of Protection.


  Above piece, Ace of Discs, currently available for purchase.



  Above piece, Hierophant, currently available for purchase.



 All of the below photographs of Rachel's jewelry were generously donated by Ferol Humphrey of

Ferol says, "Each necklace is themed to a card in the Shining Tribe Tarot, and they are hand-made by the awesome auric superpower Rachel Pollack, so they carry her MOJO. You want one."




Above Left Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2010~ Compliments of Ferol Humphrey

Above right and zoom of lion charm, Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2009~ Strength~ Pendant Greek Antiquity Reproduction~ Courtesy of Ferol Humphrey


Above left, Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2008~ Tibetan Cigarette Pack,

courtesy Ferol Humphrey

Above right, Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2007~ The Magician~ Ceramic Tile, courtesy Ferol Humphrey

Above Left, Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2011~ The Emperor~ Tibetan Cigarette Pack, Courtesy Ferol Humphrey

 Above right, Private Collection~ Rachel Pollack Dallas 2008 ~ Courtesy Ferol Humphrey



Private Collection~ Readers Studio 2010~  Courtesy Ferol Humphrey


Rachels' New book. Soul Forest: 24 Tarot Writings



To learn more about Rachel Pollack,