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 How To Create and Print Your Own Deck 

with Jean Hamilton-Fford



Jean Hamilton-Fford created The Freshly Squeezed Lenormand  deck right out of her own home, without contracting with anyone. How did she do it?

Jean joined us on Tarot Tribe/Beyond Worlds on Sunday, 11/11/12, to help us walk through the process, from software to printing equipment.



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Below is the handout for that episode.


You can learn more about Jean and purchase her deck at:


 Corel Draw 13 (has a free download)

PhotoShop Elements 11




The commercial cutter Jean uses:







Sample Reading Question:

I am in a job that I used to like, but now the work environment feels hostile. My boss is full of drama and I come home feeling down and exhausted. I have applied for a new job. Will I move to the new job or stay here? If I get the job, will I like it?


Traditional Titles:

  Heart - Fox - Mountain - WOMAN - Ship - Clover - Sun


Jean's Titles:

Heart - Wrong - Blocks - WOMAN - Journey - Luck - Sun




 Below is a video review of the Freshly Squeezed Lenormand deck, with all cards shown.