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 On 9/11/11, Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of The Gaian Tarot, joined  your Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds, along with tarot counselor James Wells, who has worked extensively with Joanna and her deck.


That episode can be heard HERE.


Below is the spread James created for The Gaian Tarot's accompanying guide book, slightly adapted.


Did you miss Joanna's previous episode with us 6/27/10, where she described The Gaian Tarot's deck format, structure, and did some 3-card readings? Click HERE to catch up and listen.




1. What does Gaia need from us at this time?

2. How can we offer this to Her?


3. What do we need from Gaia at this time?

4. How can we receive this from Her?



 Spread copyright James Wells. Used with permission. See "Circle Ways,"


Additional insights:


1. What do I need from myself at this time?


2. How can I offer this to myself?

3. How do I need the Earth/Divine/Community at this time?

4. How can I receive this?


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