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Pick a Card ~ Your Weekly Reading 4/19/14

Posted on April 19, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Surprise! This week I used 3 cards from only one deck, so this will keep you from using the imagery on the back of the card to choose. And still have colored runes to consider.....

The randomly drawn Tarot cards you see above are card BACKS to The Rabbit Tarot deck. One of these cards represents a personal tarot message for you this week. To add a twist to the meaning,  there is a Rune added to each card as well.

Which card gives you an intuitive "ping?" Be forewarned: the card image underneath may not match the vibe of the image on feeeeeeeel it. Feel what's "under." 

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot?  Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the next week.

Once you choose a card and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.



Rabbit Tarot (Mini Version), by Nakisha Elsje


DECK: Nakisha Elsje's "The Rabbit Tarot"

If You Chose Card 1

6 of Daisies (6 of Pentacles)
Rune: Uruz (Strength, Health, Vitality)

This is a week of giving, and because the Uruz Rune is one that is often centered around physical health, you are asked this week to have focus on your body, the food that enters it, and the movement you provide to it. Your body, your engine, houses your life force, and also gives you all you need to maneuver through your world. We are often so focused on the world outside our bodies that we often don't stop to consider that world within. This week, consider some healthy choices, maybe a minor change in eating habits.

Perhaps this is the week when you can take the stairs, or park the car a bit further away so you can get a bit of a walk in. If it's nice outdoors, you may find yourself wanting to venture outside in the fresh air and treat yourself to some clean oxygen and Vitamin D from Mother Sun.

What can you do this week to do your body good?

As a side note, this is a philanthropic card as well, and you're asked to be sensitive to others' needs this week. Someone is trying to draw something to them that they need. There may be a way you can do a little something that helps facilitate the process, or a bit of sharing of resources may happen. This will be important to the recipient, however small it may seem to the giver.

And while you're busy being sensitive to others' needs...don't forget to be sensitive to your own needs as well. For you, too, should fill up your cup of love.

If You Chose Card 2

Rune: Othala: Inheritance, possessions, hard work

Ah, this week you may find yourself hard at work, grinding away to get things done and get things organized,l but needing to use some focus to do it. You may have to take some serious anti-distraction to 'git ér done, but with a clear vision and good personal management, you can do it. If you dread the job, try putting some headphones in your ears, turn on some music that really gets your heart soaring, and give yourself a 10 or 15 minute time limit to do the yuckier jobs in little pockets of time with some energetic background grooves. A good manager knows that all jobs need to be done: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Be the Boss this week, and lead yourself well. Reach for the inner confidence and assertion that will move you forward and bring at least one extra thing to you that would not have been there before.

Money may be on your mind this week, and  this is a week to create ownership of yourself. If you depend on reason and what's in front of you this week instead of emotions and what's within you, you'll find the most logical solutions with the most pragmatic answers and get the most done. It's a week of building and control.

Speaking of control, there may be times when you may have to take the bull by the horns this week, as this may be a  you feel like "if you want it done right, do it yourself." And that's okay. This time you maybe right about that. Don't wait for others...just get it done.

Your vision can make something happen. Let the ambition has an important place to go!

If You Chose Card 3

7 of Tulips (7 of Cups)
Rune: Perthro (fate, a gamble, one's destiny, mystical and hidden things)

You may find your head in the clouds this week, and even some moments where it may feel like your feet are completely off the ground. This ungrounded reverie may seem like displaced fantasies, but know that this vision actually can hold the key to something that will be of importance to your life. In those those daydreams we will often get a fleeting glimpse of something that changes our fate and the direction we go.

Pay attention to your ideas at night in bed, in the shower, when you drive. This may be a good week to carry a little pocket notebook with you and a pen, as these are the types of ideas that when they come, they are so good you'll be sure you'll remember them later. But an hour later they will be but vapors in the mist, an evaporated thought you can no longer seem to reach and access. Use the pen and ink and preserve the inspiration. It has a place it needs to take you. Are you ready for the ride?

There may be a gamble involved in a choice, but it won't be a serious one. However, it will take action on your part and then a door to your destiny cracks open....soon you'll be passing through. One day you'll say, "I remember when this was just a fleeting thought in the shower, and now.....look at this!"

Own the visions you have. There may be too many to follow through on all, but a good one is about to pass by that you will want to capture in your net of memories...don't let it get away! Those little hidden whispers hold a lot of potential. You may not even get a full glimpse of what is to come...just the inkling of the idea that gets the ball rolling. A year from now, you'll be in a different place because of an idea that was just passing through, but one you decided to grab onto and hop on. Enjoy the ride.



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