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Self-Predicting Tips For 2011.....

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 2, 2011 at 10:35 AM

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

~ Alan Kay ~

Do you want to look ahead to see what the year will hold for you?

Well, let's take a tarot ride by predicting!

If ever you don't like what you see in the cards, remember, YOU have the power to make things happen, and YOU can consciously shift those patterns by working hard to offset them.

Let's take a look at the natural course

and the inherent patterns of this year for you.

Use the following tarot spread (below) for 2011, and you can check your results at the end of the year by putting your reading:

  • In a written journal, hand-penned or typed
  • In your computer's electronic calendar to pop up for you at the end of 2011. Set up a "reminder," and when you get your surprise reading, see how close you came to the real deal!  One easy way to do that is to use Free Nudgemail, and most internet providers have free events or calendars you can set up to send yourself reminders/readings (Google for instructions on setting up). Go as near or as far into the future with readings as you wish!
  • Pop the reading in an envelop on the last page of your calendar and tape or staple it there for security
  • Tack it to your or not, your choice.
  • Fold it and put it in your wallet or a side compartment of your purse

I like to include a picture of the cards I drew and whether or not they were upside-down and if any cards jumped out of the deck. At the very least, write all their names down if you can't photograph them.



  1. What it is/will be the big theme in 2011?
  2. What are the biggest challenges that will arise?
  3. What will be the biggest perks?
  4. What is tarot's advice to me in moving through to my best advantage?
  5. What will be the outcome at the end of the year, in looking back?
  6. My Spiritual Lesson for 2011?

Want to try monthly predictive spreads

or even weekly predictive spreads?

Try my own personal favorite self-created spread, which is a combination of all the spreads I've seen and then weeded out what is really essential for true grit.

An optional card you can add to it if you want is

"What do I have going for me?"

 Have the reading sent to yourself at the end of each week or month

so you can learn from your reading and the cards and see what manifested.

Here's wishing you a year of predictive peeking and delicious personal growth



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