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The Hezicos Tarot, a Tarot Reading of Self-Improvement

Posted by Donnaleigh on September 19, 2010 at 8:20 AM

Today I tried something different for my blog.

It is a brief video self-reading using the gorgeous Hezicos Tarot.

As you can see, the cards in this deck are instantly lovable.


I found that doing a video used a fraction of the time of typing, which kept me in compliance with my reading's recommendation. A good start for my personal transformation, I would think!

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You can view all the stunning cards of this deck

and purchase them at Mary's website:

The Hezicos Tarot was also reviewed by TarotOracle on YouTube HERE.



Here's wishing you a Tarot-filled week

of beautiful personal growth and transformation,

The cards of this deck were posted with the permission of the deck creator.

The Hezicos Tarot deck and all its contents including art and test copyright 1996-2010 Mary Griffin

all rights reserved and may not be reproduced without permission.


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