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Lenormand 9 Card Block Reading - How Can I Improve My Workshop

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 8, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Welcome to a 6 minute, 9 card block Reading on the Question, "How can I improve my workshop?"

One more suggestion not noted in the video is:

...because of the snake after the Stars, she should be prepared for a technology glitch.

Have someone close at hand throughout. Be sure they do not depart.

Bring your own equipment.

Even if the place says they have a computer, have a backup ready just in case.

Bring a cable that you may need to attach to a projector.

Bring a projector if you have one, a screen if you've got one.

If there's a technology glitch, be prepared to avert it so

you can do what you are supposed to do: Impress the masses!

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Deck used: The Whisper Lenormand by Teri Smith,

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