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New Nuance on the House Card (and Fox)

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 3, 2016 at 12:15 AM
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House and Home....

While predicting football games using Lenormand cards, I inadvertently discovered a new nuance meaning for the Lenormand "House" card...


We follow the Patriots, and we've been having great fun using the cards to predict the results of the games prior to them starting. So far, the cards have been 8 out of 8 predicted games correct, with little details thrown in suggesting what we might see happen in each game.

When the Patriots played against the Jets this past week, we asked whether the Pats would win, and this picture above shows the spread we got: (House, Anchor, Fox). The initial "House" card immediately took my mind to the word "Home" and I saw that the home team (Jets) would be favored. Quite literally, House meant "Home" team.

Fox at the end suggested "No" to my question of the Pats winning (Fox means "wrong"), and the cards before the Fox explain that the home team ("House" card") was favored ("Anchor card").  Anchor follows the House/Home card and so it describes the card before it. The Anchor gives the Home team a description of "longevity" or "staying put."


So to put these 3 simple cards into a brief sentence using their descriptor meanings:


Stability (Anchor) of the home team (House) (the Jets) via a slick maneuver (Fox).

Another Fox discovery....


Also, regarding the Fox at the end: this is the 3rd game where there was a tie or near tie that was manipulated at the end with a slick move (this also happened in the last Superbowl). So I'm seeing repeatedly that Fox as a last card can indicate a very close win or lose that depends on one move to trip the score at the tail end of the game, a slick maneuver to tip the scale.

Further clarification on the game:

I drew 3 more cards for further clarification on my question regarding the Patriots winning this game. Interestingly, a the cards were:

Dog, Tree and Lilies.

These cards suggest that the the lose may not be a long-term problem to the Pats in the big picture. Dog is loyalty to the team presented in our question (Pats was the team I asked about winning), and staying true. Tree indicates "long term" (tree is long term stability), and Lilies corroborates long term harmony.   So this clarification suggests that the Patriots may still fare well even with this game's loss.

As it turns out, this particular game was more of a throw-away game for the Patriots; even with the loss, they are still in the playoffs that may lead them to something bigger like the Superbowl.

I'd love to hear about literal card nuances you might find in your readings.

It's the literal nature of the cards that often makes them so much fun.

Enjoy your Lenormand journey!



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