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Posted by Donnaleigh on June 28, 2010 at 8:10 AM

Last night, I was enchanted with Joanna Powell Colbert when she spoke about her beautiful Gaian Tarot deck on our Tarot Tribe show.

To me, Joanna embodies the ultimate Empress energy.

A steward of the Earth. 

And that got me thinking....

I began to wonder what cards within a tarot deck might represent her

as I perceived her.

First I pulled from a deck with which I've felt a long-term comfort, and sorted out these cards as embracing her energy. Then, I pulled cards from Joanna's new Gaian deck, to see what cards embodied her from that deck. Then I compared between decks and saw which cards to describe her were chosen from both decks.

The results surprised me.

First, I deliberately (not randomly) pulled cards from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

The cards chosen were:

Next, I pulled cards from Joanna's Gaian Tarot.

Below are the cards I chose, and while the energy to me felt the same as I pulled them, the cards that emerged were very different (and more difficult to narrow down!). Interestingly, I didn't choose the card that was actually a picture of Joanna, which is the 9 of Earth. What I did choose, though, was:

I felt a lot of reverence and care for the Earth in both sets. I chose more teaching cards from the Gaian deck (8 of Air embodied to me Joanna working with people to understand the Earth, particularly through her cards).

The Two of Water was particularly powerful, as I saw it as Joanna embracing and finding joy with the Earth and with nature at a soul level, as if the two were Twin Flames;

each finding joy in the other.

When I then looked at which cards I pulled from both decks,

I was surprised to see how few were the same!

The Empress (Gardener) and The World (Gaia the World).

She truly is the Mother of the Earth.

Thank you, Joanna, for the wise counsel you have brought to the world through your art and gentleness.

What cards represent the people in your life?

Which cards represent you as a whole?

Here's wishing you a tarot-filled week.



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