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How Can I Be A Better Candle?

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

James Keller

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I am the candle, I hold the flame

Thine heart feels dark, you say you hold shame

I'll light the wick through soft, gentle smiles

And waxy drop tears will echo our trials

When you are in dark,  I'll shine the way

When you're overworked, I'll bring you play

The light that it gives, it shines heart to heart

When passed onto you, it's just a mere start


The glow it shall then reside brightly in you

Until you search the world, find a heart that's dark, too

To be the best candle, the light has to see

That it cannot stop here, it goes further than me

The light it must move, and its warmth it must share

And find its own way through the travel of prayer

For when the light moves, it can then become two

I've now made it grow, passed the torch here to you

Then you will find shadows, bright ways for your friend

The wick that lives on never fades nor will end

For released from the neck of a single wick donned

You'll find that it spreads, lights a thousand such wands

From my wick to yours and then from your wick to theirs

We all become part of the world's candle heirs.

At top, the Shadowscapes Tarot,  Ace of Wands card.

At bottom, The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Star card.


Pull one card from your favorite tarot or oracle deck and ask:

How can I be a better candle?

Shine thy light and share thine flame,


This was part of a community blog project for January 2012.

The rules were: write a tarot blog with the title,

"How Can i Be a Better Candle?"

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