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And The Winners Are....The 2011 Single Best Tarot Blogs

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 1, 2012 at 3:15 PM

"You don't become the best

by being like the rest."

~ Unknown Author

And the verdict is in!

We know our own blogs best, and tarotists were asked to submit their own BEST BLOG OF 2011.  From those entries, a panel of 4 tarotists (myself included, none of whom submitted an entry), helped to vote on their favorite blogs.

 It was difficult to vote because the quality of each blog was so high.

Voters noted that certain blogs tended to "stick to their ribs." You know, the ones that hang with you during the day and stay with you a bit longer. The  ones you find yourself thinking about as your washing the dishes or driving to work, those are the ones we found were the choices that came forward.

And here are the winners!

1st Place, almost unanimously:

Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, gave us all a whopper of a belly laugh while teaching some seriously important and very real tarot lessons about being a tarot professional, in her blog titled:



“Gangstas don’t hide so I show my face often.” ~ Slim Thug. You can’t make a living if you are the best kept secret in your industry.  You will have to market your business. Learn how to promote yourself properly (social media is a great tool). And more important: be AUTHENTICALLY you.  Don’t be a weak ass imitation of anyone else.  Put your true self out there, heart on the line, face on the screen.  Let people know the REAL trill you.  Get your website up NOW and get your grill out there.

Now go on wid yo bad self and start flipping those cards and living your tarot dream.  No more excuses. Word."

Fun to read, a fast and entertaining ride, this blog caught all the voters' attention.

Theresa won a $20 Gift Certificate to The Tarot Garden and a hand made tarot pouch!

2nd Best Blog of 2011

Amy Lamash's poignant blog titled

"Turning Points and Major Milestones exercise from the book,Tarot For Yourself by Mary K Greer"

It's a long title, but this post is not to be missed. Where Theresa's blog make us laugh, Amy's made us weep and appreciate the hard momentts of life. There are powerful life experiences in this blog, samples of different situations in her life using a card spread from Mary Greer's book, Tarot For Your Self, with  The World Spirit Tarot.

Amy had us all from the word "Go!" when she spoke in her first 3-card spread about the loss of her father. And therein lies the sensitivity and beauty of tarot. Thank you, Amy, for this remarkable entry that reads like a personal journal, full of heart and soul.

Amy chose major life events and deliberately matching cards to the questions, "What, Who, and Why" of the situations, and a dramatic and emotive writing exercise began.

Powerfully personal, this blog shows the true impact and the emotive symbolism of tarot. Don't miss this entry. Amy writes of the decision not to give a child up for adoption, of entering a marriage for the wrong reasons,  struggling through a divorce, dealing with her child's addiction, and more. This is the hard core stuff we all experience, but  few people have the nerve to share. The universal commonalities will bring you to your knees as you personally relate to what Amy shares with the world.


The What: Daddy's Death - Out of my control

The What - 5 of Pentacles - I felt alone and poor in the sense that I had lost something so important to me.  Locked away from him forever. Even those around me were crippled with loss. It also shows my fear of being alone and feelings of insecurity.

Congratulations, Amy, for pulling on our heart strings. This blog stayed with each of us.

Amy won a $10 Gift Certificate to The Tarot Garden and a hand made tarot pouch.

3rd Best Blog of 2011:

Paris Finley's blog titled,

"The Woman Who Loved Red Silk."

Short and sweet, this powerful parable is one that was so pround, it sounded like one that was passed down for thousands of years.

Paris says of this blog,

"I wrote a mini-story that illustrates how the energy of a Tarot card might manifest itself in the world: The Woman Who Loved Red Silk."

Using the Justice card as his platform, Paris took a creative journey and knocked us off our feet as he brought the Justice card to life.

Paris begins his story:

"Once there was a merchant who dealt in silks. A woman came by one day, and she admired the lovely cloths, touching them with care.

"Those are the most expensive," he told her. She fingered them wistfully. He named a price. It was indeed a great deal...."

But  wait until you read what happens next....

Your can finish reading this succinct and meaningful story with a big message HERE.

Voters agreed that Paris should find  a publisher and seriously start publishing his work.

Paris won a $10 gift certificate to The Tarot Garden and a hand made tarot pouch.


 There were two honorable mentions that came up repeatedly with the voters as well, and both entries spoke of the darker sides of us, difficult emotions, or difficult cards.

Barbara Moore's The Dark Side of Tarot 

Takes the  "bad" cards and shows us their potential for positivity


Stephanie Arwen Lynch's blog, Anger, Authenticity, and Blooms

works on  creating joy when you feel none. Arwen brings in a fabulous spread idea to create something bountifiul and beneficial.

Arwen mentioned that she chose this as her personal best this year because several other readers picked up the post to do the spread on their own blogs. Very inspiring!

 And there we have it!

Thank you to all the entries! They were a blast to read!

And you can find all entries on the 2 pages of comments HERE.

Thanks to all the participants,

and we wish everyone happy blogging in 2012!



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