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Tarot Boxing Match: Vladmir Putin vs Kim Jong-un

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Above, Deviant Moon Tarot, borderless edition

So....yeah. The news sucks right now.

There's too much happening, it's all serious and big, and so for me, no news is good news (that means turning off the news).  So let's take a couple of badly behaved world leaders and have a little mischievous sporty play with them for some comic relief.


Suppose..... just suppose .... What if Valdmir Putin and Kim Jong-un went head-to-head in a bare-fisted one-on-one boxing match? Let's take a time-out from world duties and open a boxing ring with a neon sign:


Who would win?

Yeah, I'm curious, too. Let's take bets!  So here's what we'll do. Let's see who the cards favor.



Let's prepare for our fight:

Shuffle your favorite tarot deck or oracle system.

Draw 2 cards for each world leader:

Card 1- Represents his fighting style

Card 2 - What he delivers in the fight

And let the game begin!

Using the Deviant Moon Tarot, borderless edition,

here are the random fighting cards I got for each world leader:


1 - Putin's fighting style (Page of Pentacles)

Well, to put it bluntly, Putin fights like a girl (sorry ladies). Dainty and unsure on his fighting feet, he looks pretty wearing his ironed designer boxers but he's used to delegating, not swinging. Putin reveals he is a novice when it comes to the practical punch.  During the fight, Putin first pulls from his pocket a metal tool (what, folks??), and the crowd gasps until they realize it's his phone and he's texting for back-up. Kim Jong-un throws it in the air behind him, Putin attempts to bargain and is heard saying, "Let me win this and I'll reimburse you your entire nuclear arsenal." However, Putin realizes this is serious shizzle when he is ignored and receives a swift blow, so he swings back....but Kim Jong-un remains standing and grins. Just as Putin prepares to slam Kim Jong-un with a low-blow, a warning whistle sounds from the referee bird above: "Hey! No hitting below the belt!"

2 - What Putin delivers (8 of Wands)

Putin delivers eight good, sharp blows, and yes, he hits below the belt, despite the warning. Rumor has it Putin bites his own tongue as red is seen dripping from the corner of his mouth. Kim Jong-un remains standing.....all 8 times. Oh, shiz-wizzlel!


1 - Kim Jong-un's fighting style (Strength)

Kim Jong-un shows the brawn here and stares Putin down, looking him right in the eye, and then...splits Putin's lip and reaches for his tonsils! Putin bites him, but there is no contest here, folks. Kim Jong-un pulls Putin by the lips and screams, "Who's your daddy!?"  He delivers a fast, strong blow, pressing Putin to the ring floor with his right foot (looks like Kim Jong-un is using some martial arts here!) and Putin gasps like a fish out of water, despite one last attempt to trip his aggressor by the ankle.  The effort is fruitless and Kim Jong-un squashes Putin in a knock-out victory. Putin is out cold.

2 - What Kim Jong-un delivers (Death!)

Rumor has it that Kim Jong-un was heard saying just before the final death squash: "I ... squish ... your .... head."  Like a child being punished, Putin cries uncle and begs for mercy until... (narrator winces here), he becomes a fish fry. A clean knock out is delivered by Kim Jong-un as Putin falls to the center of the ring. There is no messing around here...this is the final bell for Putin.

Kim Jong-un is seen doing a victory dance that -- strangely -- resembles ...The Macarena??

And that is today's fight, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm not sure where this leaves us, other than one less world leader yet the other remains,  unfortunately, more puffed-up than he already was. The victory trophy is handed to Kim Jong-un by a fish in a glitter bikini. He looks at the trophy and lets out a low growl when he realizes the inscription says, "The bearer of this trophy relinquishes world dominion."

(My next plan is to get Hilary Clinton in the ring with Kim Jong-un. And I know where my money's going, girls!  He may not fight fair, but she fights square).

Who do your cards favor in a world-leader boxing match?

May the news be ever in your favor.

And now...  back to our regularly scheduled world events.


Resetting Your Future Undo Button for Life - A Simple Reading Activity

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 24, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (6)

Wouldn't it be nice if life came with an undo button, allowing us to erase mistakes and return our life to the way things were before we made a regretful decision?

Ah, those moments of lucidity when we realize we've gaffed are excellent learning experiences. Hopefully we will learn from them so similar issues don't happen again. Or did we learn what we were supposed to learn? Will the pattern continue?

Today, let's use tarot or your favorite oracle to broaden our knowledge of our gaffe to make better choices in the future. While we can't hit an UNDO button in life, perhaps we can prevent ourselves for wishing for it again in a  similar situation in the future. How can we break those patterns?

Your Quickie Reading Activity:

"Resetting your FUTURE UNDO Button"

1.  Consider a situation from your past that you regret, something for which you wish you had an UNDO button so you could reset time and do it differently.

2. With that difficult situation in mind, shuffle your favorite deck of cards and randomly pull 1-2 cards.

3. Now take a careful look at the cards chosen. Use those two cards as advise information to carefully consider what you can do the next time to avoid wishing for the UNDO button again. What have you learned that you can apply to your future experience?

If you're not sure how this works, I've included a sample reading below.

My Sample Reading

Here is a sample reading. I used two cards I pulled from a favorite deck, the Golden Tarot by Kat Black. These are the two cards that randomly showed up for me.

Cards: 7 of Cups, 2 of Swords

The 7 of Cups suggests carefully evaluating the myriad of things displayed before me in my life and choose carefully the few authentic ones with which I really want to be involved. Which ones serve my purpose? Which ones take me further from it? Which ones are illusory? Which are useless distractions? Too many activities will keep me from my true goal so that my dreams may never be fully realized. Look! Squirrel!

Also, not all is as it seems, and busy-ness will just create time-wasting detours that veer me off my path. Distractions and chosing the right focus will be an ongoing challenge brought to me. There will be a multitude of opportunities and choices before me: some will be productive and others will be trouble. Can I identify what is in each cup before drinking from it? Discernment is on my menu. Which areas of focus are worthy of my time? Which are just wasteful time-killers or trouble? Which look tempting or sweet but hold no more reality than a barrel of aspertame?

The 2 of Swords is a card that comes up for me repeatedly and is a card I've learned to love. This is my "boundaries" card:  keep some things out and don't allow everything in. Because this card came up with the choices displayed in the 7 of Cups, I'm being advised to choose carefully what I engage in, and not to engage in every situation brought to me (nor participate in everything I see). It reminds me of the expression, "Don't participate in every argument you're invited to." Nor should I participate in every party, based on these cards.

I've learned to embody the disengagement posture of the 2 of Swords' "Keep Out" energy. I leave others to cause trouble solo while I go drink from another cup that interests me more (7 of Cups). By doing this, it has allowed me to make better choices (7 of Cups) on where I put my attention.

My lesson to reset my future UNDO button:

"Disengage in the useless,"


"Keep out useless distractions."

What two cards do you get for your situation,

and how can this help you break a pattern

so you are not wishing for the UNDO button again?



Expecting the World to be Fair....

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 22, 2014 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Shown, Tarot of Jean Noblet, XI Force

"If you expect the world to be fair to you because you are fair,

you're fooling yourself.

That's like expecting the lion not to eat you

because you didn't eat him."


Meet The Dynamic Spreads Deck!

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 21, 2014 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Did you ever have a client ask you for a "General Reading," and you locked up and didn't know where to go with that? Are you stuck in a rut asking the same old questions of your cards in your readings for yourself or others?

Here is a tool that will UP YOUR GAME.

Bring yourself to the next level by exploring places you never dreamed of going with your cards.

Meet The Dynamic Spreads Deck,

a deck that creates clear, creative spreads for any oracle system,

from tarot to angel cards to runes to Lenormand cards, and more!

This video contains a 9 minute showcase on specific cards in The Dynamic Spreads Deck and explains exactly what the system does and how it is used. The last 6 minutes of the video demonstrates sample speed readings, using a variety of oracles (runes, healing cards, tarot cards, Lenormand, playing cards) so you can test drive it and see how it works.

To purchase this innovative deck, visit

To watch this video, click on the image below


This video also includes use of the Burning Serpent Oracle, The Anna K Tarot, the Wisdom for  Healing Cards (also available as a mobile app), Caravan of SEE'ers Fortune Telling Cards, and hand-made wooden runes.



Denying One's Own Experience

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 21, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Shown above, the Burning Serpent Oracle.

Cards: Bouquet, Scythe, Dead Tree (Coffin)

“To deny one’s own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one’s own life.

It is no less than a denial of the soul.”

― Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

Pick a Card: Your Weekly Reading (7/17/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 17, 2014 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Welcome to my Table of Cards!

Ah, sit down, relax. It's time for YOU.

I've taken out 3 decks: two are tarot decks and one is an oracle deck.

Plus, for good measure, I've added some favorite amethyst runes

and one will randomly accompany each of the cards.

Because I did not get to draw cards last week to do this activity,

you may find that some of this past week's residual energy

will trickle in to this coming week's reading as well.

Which deck draws you today? Pick a deck and we'll see what message awaits you this week.

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot? Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the coming week.

Once you choose a deck and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.


Animal Wisdom Tarot

Oracle of Visions

March Tarot by Jill Scott

(The March Tarot is a Massachusetts Tarot Society limited edition and not available for sale)

If You Chose 1

The Animal Wisdom Tarot, Lion (Strength): Ruler of the Open Heart

Rune:  Elhaz (protection), a beneficial new influence

This week, you may find yourself expressing personal authority and truth in order to be authentic to your beliefs. Your self-directed purpose may be challenged. As you discover yourself throughout your life, you will sometimes have to demonstrate your own leadership skills. As you find that source of guidance for others, act from the heart but remember grace when you express it. In order to be authentic to yourself, we must eventually realize we must also allow others to be authentic to themselves. Their authenticity is their strength, and each of us is the ruler of our own heart. Forcing another person against the wall is not grace. Nor is it authentic; it's just being bossy. Someone may confuse bossiness with authenticity.  But there are more graceful ways to express truths.

Being open to one's own desires comes with the eventual wisdom of recognizing that others are also rulers of their own lives....and if their opinions, desires or objectives do not coincide with what you desire, perhaps your experience is something meant more specific to you than them. Don't push the formula onto everyone's plates. They'll discover what works for them. Likewise, you may find this energy comes at you this week, where you may be expected to comply with something with with you disagree.

This is a powerful card, as the lion is considered the king, the top of the food chain. Yet even the lion may struggle with feeling week, ineffective or frustrated. Yet, this does not diminish his role or strength. The card advises expressing gentle compassion to yourself in the process and remembering to speak with respect...even when speaking to yourself.  And remember, failing to convince someone to understand your viewpoint or authentic beliefs does not in any way indicate a failure. It represents shades of authenticity for each of us, as we are each on a different path of learning.

The Elhaz rune supports your strength this week because it affirms that you are in a state of protection. If you create a gentle path and show this compassion, you will be enveloped in a powerful state of protection. It will be when you find yourself slipping into the abyss of loss of control, loss of compassion, that you will find that the energy of protection yields to fits of trouble. Soft compassion has more power than most people recognize. Power is not necessarily loud; it can be deep and soft-spoken wisdom that can outsmart brawn. Know that you are protected this week, even in a state of quiet. The bubble of grounding protection follows you and creates a shield of deflection against whatever troubles you.

Also know, you will be in a state of "reflection." What others give to you this week will return to them,so if it is positive, powerful positive energy will reflect back to them. But if they are negative, they will feel the sting of natural repercussions. Likewise, be careful yourself, as what you give can return to you. Allow the state of protection to maintain its duty without interfering with its quiet shield. But another agent of protection is added to the karmic reflection. Someone may step into your life this week. This person will be an agent of protection.

The woman and lion protect each other reciprocally here. Neither is in a state of distress where the other needs to rescue. Instead, they are supporting each other with a gentle presence of "I am here for you." They accept each other, they embrace each other, and despite differences in size, there is an air of respectful equality between them. The author of this deck says this lion melds female and male energies and "reminds us that true strength is not violent or controlling, but emerges through love, appreciation and acceptance of self and others."

Questions to ask yourself this week if you chose card/rune 1:

In a moment of frustration, where can acceptance be most effective this week?  How does quiet compassion protect me this week, where outbursts make me susceptible or ineffective? How do I express personal authority and how does this influence or affect others? How are others expressing their truths to me this week that I find either pompous, loud, or ineffective that leads me to feeling defensive rather than open? How does behavior create a reflection of karma? How do others express with compassion that leads me to a place of learning? How will speaking with a voice of grace and respect this week increase my power while opening someone's heart? How does the compassion of another person protect me? How can I do this for someone else? How are my actions reflecting back to me this week, and can this serve to protect me?  How does soft compassion win over violent words this week?

If You Chose 2

 Oracle of Visions, 35/Solitude, Loneliness, Isolation

Rune: Fehu (worth, value, status)

What is the value or solitude for you? How does being outside of the chaos of others create a space of quiet or peace? This week, realize the value of solitude, the healthy quiet you experience when you're away from the influence of others and allowed to retreat into your own space of personal ideas, reflections and pleasures.  By removing distractions, you will find that  the reduction in frustration follows.  Whether it's time to read a favorite book, write some prose, sit by the water's edge, or be in the moment with some gentle wind chimes, the quiet will help recalibrate your mind back to center and better prepare you for re-entry to the world.

Consider this like stopping at a gas station to refill your automobile's energy. Your car cannot refill on gas while it is on the go. It has to pull over, stop, and take time to refill before it is ready to launch again. Likewise, be aware of the quiet or still moments you have where you're asked to replenish. Even if it is your lunch break or work break and you're taking a moment to rest, allow yourself to be present in the  moment and reflect on the value of that respite moment. Where will you pull over to recharge and refill?

Recognize that there are times when it is wise for us to deliberately step back from the chaos and not be so driven by the drama that surrounds us. The distractions create a weather storm within us, and allowing this to retreat and quiet creates a healthier mindset.  Are you able to listen to the breeze and quiet without allowing the rush of the day's problems to follow you and interject?

Also, note when you can create deliberate moments of quiet even when surrounded by chaos at that moment. Don't own the chaos or make it "yours." When it's not in your control, don't try to control it.  Release. When you're waiting in line at the store, instead of frustration at the lost time, consider this a moment gained for yourself. Conscious breathing, moments of gratitude, and remembering the things that are of worth to you will create a deliberate space of solitude to sustain your spirit.

Those who are introverts will intrinsically know the value of the "solo recharge."  But even extroverts will find that there are times when turning down the noise allows for moments of profound appreciation and restoration. Even stopping for a sip of tea, a brisk walk alone, or escaping into a favorite, uplifting song can recharge one's batteries to prepare for the next burst of energy.

In a society that seems always to put value on "MORE!"... more stuff, more buying, more advertisements, more shoes, more food....where in your life could you benefit from more empty space? Do you already have all you need?  Can what you already have sustain you? Would a little less in some areas perhaps be even more desirable? Consider where the "madness of more" might halt if even for just a week, where clear space, a zen attitude, and finding value in the present moment can create more beauty than any furiously-mounting collection that serves to fill space.

Can you remove yourself from chaos this week and leave it behind you instead of taking it with you energetically? Can you honor the quiet without dragging along the chaos to that sacred space? This week is your week to find the value of quiet and the worth of separation....even if you do have to return to the space of "many" each day.

Questions to ask if you chose card 2:

What is the value of solitude for me this week? What deliberate moments of space and solitude can I create this week? How will removal replenish me? How can I reduce distractions and drama to create a healthy space of "less?" Where can I choose deliberate quiet? Do I make space for solitude? When people create drama around me, do I feed into it and return to it, or am I able to separate while allowing it to release from my own energy? How do I keep things from energetically following me into my sacred space of silence? 

If You Chose 3

The March Tarot, 9 of Pentacles (Satisfaction).

Rune: Sowilo. Sun, joy, victory, power

You remember the song by The Rolling Stones: "I can't get no satisfaction....but I try .... and I try....and I try....and I try."  We are all striving toward satisfaction. We try to achieve, gain, and  have moments of happiness that fulfill us. Even for those who have it all, though, we have watched them exit the living world with a feeling of "no satisfaction." So from where is satisfaction derived, then?

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This week, there will be a small epiphany of satisfaction when you realize you have exactly what you need. It may be a moment of gratitude for something self-achieved. Or it may be a realization that all seems settled this week, and you can revel in an accomplishment. When you've worked hard for something, it's okay to have a moment of admiration for what it's produced. Appreciation is on the menu.

This week is going to hold a perk for you. Stop and pay attention, because if you look closely, you've reached an important point in in your life that, if you observe and appreciate it, you will recognize you have excellent reason for recognizing fulfillment.  The feeling of being content with something may suddenly wash over you. There is great wisdom in this. Also recognize the things you are doing that are creating the means of satisfaction for you. Are you self-driven?

Take note of the results from your efforts. Yes, own it: YOUR efforts. You created it. Your work, your imprint on the world, your impression on the living. Bravo to you! You have changed the world by being in it.

Interestingly, this combination of card and rune suggests there may also come the opportunity to right a wrong. Whether it is someone reaching out to you, or you rectifying something for another, there is an opportunity for compensation to happen. The energy is open for a turning and "righting" of an obligation or concern. Something may be re-addressed and this is an opportunity to turn something right. It may feel like a repayment or fulfillment of an obligation. Sometimes this is as simple as a form of apology, or someone realizing they were at fault (is it you or another?). Other times, there is a repayment that is fulfilled or an obligation completed. But the fulfillment of a wish wants to happen this week, and the energy will push in your direction whether you are self-directed and make it happen for yourself, or you receive a pleasant surprise from another and find a satisfying outcome. Even if it may just be to realize, "Hey! I was right" (but, dude, avoid the temptation to say, "I told you so").

Expect to experience a smile. A big one. A big, honking satisfying one.


Paired with the joyful rune that represents joy, light, the sun, positive energy, this combination is going to be a happy act of fulfillment. Stop and appreciate this week from where you came, what you built, and how far you've come. Realize what you've done because YOU TRIED. Recognize the way you've driven your own life to achieve results.Your energy ... it has created change.

Beyonce once sang, "if you like it then you should have put a ring on it." Do you like it? Did you commit? Recognize the things in your life that you've "put a ring on." Where have you made solid commitments, both with people as well as your passions? Consider the rings you've put on, the commitments and dedicated choices, and what you've achieved because of dedication to a process. And then consider the rings that still need to be put on that have not yet found their way to the finger. Their time will come in the same way: dedication. Do you like it? Go ahead. Put a ring on it.

The Sowilo rune reveals the joy your accomplishments bring to you. Bask in it. This achievement is your very life nourishment. And if you've felt you've not yet completed that dream...appreciate the marker where you are. You're at an important check point.

Do you still have a dream that's waiting in the wings? What's the next step for you?  Have you been waiting for a sign to begin the process? Honey, this IS your sign. The time to commit is ripe for you right now. This week's card asks you to focus on your satisfaction and what that satisfaction means to your goals, destiny, dreams, and life purpose.

Questions to ask yourself if you chose card 3:

Where have I achieved a goal of satisfaction this week? How can I satisfy myself by being independent and self-directed? How has my ability to be self-driven brought me to satisfying places from which I now benefit? What is my next satisfying goal? What am I dedicated to that has resulted in achievement? What is the next destination where I'd like to "put a ring on it?" How can I focus on the concept of "satisfaction" this week and what this means to my destiny? Where can I find a bit of justice or evening-out this week? Is there wrong that needs to be right? Will I receive the correction or do I need to offer another an apology? 


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Here's wishing you a week of fulfillment,


Choosing Space With The People Around Us

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 16, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (2)

The People Around Us

I've watched some people in this world share with love, generosity, respect, kindness, and mutual support. These people have changed my life, and broadened the world as a whole around them. Their footprint is a soft one. They allow others to grow with joy, confidence, love, and respect. They make the most of everyone and I see people respond to this encouragement by becoming more than they ever could have been alone. The light of this crowd is undeniable and shines bright. Each of us benefits and grows because of their generosity. Each one of us (you included) widens the potential of all of us. Through these vibrant people, remarkable relationships have formed, and I've watched others grow, learn, laugh, become inspired, and feel joy. Each wants to see the other succeed. To these people, I thank you!


Then I've observed others openly express greed, jealousy, hatred, and the thrill of the hunt. These people serve to conquer, create factions, divide, twist things to give root to hate, attempt to become bigger or better than, and fight to win attention or perceived abundance at the expense of anyone in the way. What looks like flattery instead serves a personal agenda. They enjoy openly pointing at others' faults to belittle. Through these people I've witnessed the impact of negative behavior on others who receive their ire, including reactions of confusion, depression, helplessness, anger, loss, isolation, fear, and even abandonment of a passion. Ironically, this often makes the perpetrator quite happy and is considered a "win" because now the victim is "less than." They're no longer a problem, right?


Something is not right with this.


Through these people, however, I've learned that boundaries are not rude or mean, but loving and necessary expressions of self-respect. They have also taught me the value of the *other* crowd: those who feel no threat from diversity or competition.


So what do I believe?


I believe each of us benefits the whole, and each of us builds on the parts of the whole, which continue to grow through each other. We have all learned from somewhere, and so little is taught without the benefit of another's experience. We all are broadened from each other and expand through shared experiences. Those who choose to instead to destroy, criticize, divide, remove from the whole, and take.... I enjoy and deeply appreciate their absence.


There is no question that when it comes to living this short life, my precious time is devoted to those whose don't feel threatened by others succeeding, feeling more motivated by how much they can take. I invite them to enjoy their space without my attention or participation.


Boundaries are a loving form of respect for both the individual and the whole. If you witness someone saying unkind things about another, particularly when it is a pattern, usually there is a distinct agenda of self-promotion. Lies and exaggerations are easy, free ways to conquer a perceived territory on a shoestring budget.


If you see someone doing this to another, don't think for a moment that you're exempt from the dynamic cross strings of the accuser. Chances are if you don't remain a good, dutiful soldier and nod in perpetual agreement, you also will become a perceived threat. Interestingly, those who did not notice or care that others were being bumped suddenly feel the world is in falling apart when the criticism is aimed at them. The ego is a touchy thing that takes nothing lightly when it comes to protecting the self.


It's your purpose to become all that you are, but never at the cruel expense of another. Think for yourself. Be proud of what you believe, change it when you learn something new, continue to grow, and always, always know that there is enough for all. The shared gifts of the whole benefit each part, including yourself, as we are all part of the whole. Where would you be if no one had shared something either physically or intellectually? Yeah, me too. It would be a lonely void if little were shared.


Interestingly, the crowd that is *genuinely* supportive will instead tend to be focused on the whole. They serve to benefit all. It's very obvious to me when I see a healthy, genuinely unthreatened person.


By sharing, things EXPAND, they don't become more scarce. (Like the story where one candle can light the flame of thousands of others without losing its own light). We all build on each other.


My other wisdom?


Little about cruelty is about you. Don't take it personally. When you see others behaving badly, typically it is their own dysfunction, anxiety, and issues that are being projected onto whomever they happen to be aimed at. Try not to take it personally when dysfunction dumps on you. It's *their* ugly, not yours. Don't own another's bad behavior.


Which would I prefer to around, or be like? There is no question as to which I choose keep in my precious and brief life space. Even a "long" life is short. Keep it happy.

Wishing you a clean space and a joyful life experience,


Exploring Grand Tableaus When Starting Your Lenormand Journey

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 11, 2014 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Going from small to big...

The Grand Tableau (GT) is the Big Mama of all spreads when considering the Petit Lenormand deck. But there is nothing petit about this spread. A massive lay-out of all 36 cards in the deck, this very comprehensive spread shows all the major issues in the seeker's life. Verbally working through a complete Grand Tableau reading can take 1-2 hours. 

About once or twice a week I'll get an email from someone asking, "I'm learning Lenormand. I can't figure out what this Grand Tableau spread means. Can you look at this picture and tell me what this spread says?" Not only would take hours to do (if not days in writing), this monumental task cannot be done by the student until they learn to take apart the smaller pieces.

Start as a Tyke Before Going Titanic

The GT should NOT be the spread to tackle when you are first learning to read the Lenormand. While it is fun to watch a skilled reader walk through a Grand Tableau to get a concept of how this oracle can work at its fullest, it is not the spread for a new reader. This massive spread is made up of many, many smaller bits: multiple mini spreads. Learn to do the smaller spreads first. Don't try to sky dive before you even learn to fly.

The good news is: the small spreads you'll be learning as you begin reading the Lenormand are not wasted time. They are the very building blocks to the GT. The GT is loaded with line readings, 2-3 card combinations, 9-card block readings, and more. Just like you can't build a brick house until you learn to mortar the bricks together, the GT can't be read successfully until you learn these smaller spreads that comprise it. These smaller pieces, the practice spreads you are doing as you earn your wings, are the very bricks and mortar that build a GT. You will be able to navigate your way through the whopper GT spread after thoroughly learning them, as you have then learned its language. It's like learning the grammar of a country before traveling somewhere to conversate with the locals. Learn the individual words first, become versed in putting them into sentences, and then try talking with a native speaker.

How Will You Know When You

Are Ready to Try Your First Grand Tableau?

Chances are, when you are at the point when you can successfully read a 9-card block spread with fluency, you may be ready to take a little test drive with a GT. But in order to read a 9-card spread, you'll first need to learn how to read smaller 2-3 card spreads. Working with the 9-card block spread will allow a variety of cards to engage with each other around a theme. Once you have the 9-card reading concept down, you can apply this skill to your GT spead and plug 9 card reaedings around theme cards in your GT. Slowly, you'll learn to shift your practiced skills into the GT and realize that it is really just made up of all of Mama's children: many smaller sections, each containing their own context-specific revelations.

With the GT, start by focusing on cards that represent areas of your life and read around them. Learn about love by finding the heart, discover what's immediately surrounding you by finding the woman or man significator (depending on which gender fits you), and explore the surrounding cards of each of these as 9-card block spreads. Do readings on yourself and learn to assimilate the cards into your own life experience. Read about a situation you already know to make connections between cards and meanings, because you will be able to validate card meanings as you test drive your skills. If you're looking at cards positioned in the future, take notes about predictions so you can check back later to determine accuracy. There will be lines of cards to read, corners, diagonals, and lots of fun card relationships to explore (more in the videos shown below).

When starting to navigate the GT, it's okay to tackle only certain areas of the spread with your first tries. You don't have to eat the whole cake in one mouthful. If you've ever tried to learn to drive a standard ("stick") car, you may remember that the first several drives around were likely a little choppy and awkward. It gets better, smoother and more fun with practice. Likewise may start a little staccato as you bumble around your first GT, but better flow and efficiency will come with practice.

Look at the lines of cards that precede or follow significators and topic cards. All of these can be done if you've had prior practice with your smaller readings. Focus on these smaller bits on your way through the GT, but only after having done them individually outside of the GT for practice.

A GT Is Not Always the Appropriate Reading

GTs are not meant to be done on one person every day. A GT typically covers a period of 3-4 months (or up to a year if you decide that before starting the reading). So for additional practice readings you may need to use other contexts as your spread's subject matter: books, movies, and other familiar situations. Use those as you learn to navigate your way through a GT.

Also, a GT is not appropriate or practical for every reading you do. Typically, an entire GT is not thrown to answer a single question. The GT is extensive and addresses all the major areas of a person's life. So while it can be used to answer individual questions by exploring those cards in the GT spread (your love card, your work card, your money card, etc.), if all you have is one question, a smaller spread will likely suffice and be more practical. Many times there is no question when the GT spread is arranged on the table. It is the perfect spread if someone says, "I'd like a general reading about what's happening in my life right now and what's to come in the next 4 months."

But you will want to get plenty of practice. So do free readings on friends if you can, and participate in Lenormand groups with a learning-focused environment, as the internet is rich with opportunities for practice. Experience will be your best friend. Practice, practice, practice.

So where do you go when you want GT help?

The picture at the top of this blog shows a

randomly drawn GT in a magnifying glass.

The bottom 4 Destiny Cards tell us what we need to do.

Here are the cards, enlarged:


The cards above suggest establishing a relationship (ring) in a group, a social network or group (garden, stars) and posting there (letter). Meet with like-minded people. Post a question about your GT picture online or ask questions at a meet-up group. Use internet groups (stars/garden) to your advantage. Read, post, ask, learn.

If you're looking for online places to visit to learn to practice Lenormand readings and ask questions, THIS RESOURCE LIST offers links to many places you can go, most of them free. I also highly recommend The Grand Tableau Self-Paced Course by the Sassy Sibyl if you feel you need guidance through the process of navigating your first GTs. I test-drove the video version of her course and enjoyed it very much. Melissa is a lot of fun with very positive, supportive energy.

5 Important Tips When

Asking Internet Groups About GTs:

1) Post a CLEAR picture.

Tiny, blurry pictures can't be read. If you can't get a good picture of all the cards, you're better off posting just the section of the GT about which you're inquiring.

2) Avoid writing card titles or numbers in lieu of a picture for large spreads.

For many readiers, this makes it much more difficult to assimilate multiple cards quickly and see them how they're arranged in relationship to each other.

3) Ask ONE or TWO succinct questions about your GT picture.

Do not expect that people will respond to an open ended question like, "what does this GT spread mean," when it could take them days to write interpretations. You'll scare everyone away if you expect that kind of time and energy commitment to a post. Instead, ask something specific about a smaller part of the GT. An example would be something like, "I am not sure what I'm seeing around the heart card in my GT..." then offer what you see and ask for more assistance to clarify. If you have more than one question about your GT, it's okay to post more than one thread about different parts of your GT, each tackling a specific area of the GT to reduce confusion with replies.

4) Offer your own interpretation suggestions before expecting others to provide the interpretation for you.

This is a great way to earn your your wings without being spoon-fed answers. It also helps people understand the context of your inquiry if they need that. You may want to post something like, "I am looking into my relationship. Around the heart I see _______, which suggests ______. Does anyone see something other than this?"

5) It helps people to view the full GT image if you are inquiring about the impact of houses on cards in your spread.

People will need to see which GT spread you are using (is it the 8 x 4 + 4, or is it the 9 x 4 spread?). They'll also need to see where in the GT the topic card and surrounding cards land in order to view which houses are occupied.

Building from Small to Larger:

Here is a video tutorial that shows an activity on how to grow from small to larger spreads.

Click on the image below, or Click Here.

See the Steps of the Grand Tableau

Here are two videos that show the parts of a GT:

1) Sample One

2) Sample Two

See an actual GT reading in action.

Below is an actual sample of a GT reading

regarding someone's real question about a paternity test.

The video is almost 40 minutes long (GT readings are very comprehensive)

but several people have written me that this video was their epiphany about GTs.

To view, click on the image below, or CLICK HERE.

Here's wishing you a magical Lenormand journey.


Social Network Advertising: 2 Simple Dos, and 7 Annoying Don'ts.

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 10, 2014 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (6)

The Internet can be a great place to bring inexpensive exposure to your product, services, or events. But not evey place is considered a a polite place to post announcements to your latest, greatest offerings.

Just like you would never nail a billboard to the sides of random people's houses to advertise a class or product you're offering, it is wise to respect personal space on the interntet. On social networking spaces, overstepping a boundary can create strained relationships and even negatively impact your brand.

Here are some suggestions to prevent overstepping someone's boundaries in your enthusiasm to announce your offerings.

Let's Talk Internet Etiquette

for Advertising your Wares

Truthfully, it all comes down to two DOs:

1) Do use your own wall/space (not others') as your personal billboard.

2) Do recognize that others don't necessarily want to pimp your wares. Other people's walls and networking spaces should not become your personal Craigslist site. You may be excited about your stuff. But people likely have different purposes for social networking than advertising your product.

Want more details? Here we go!

1) Respect Social Networking Walls.

Please do not post advertisements for your own products, podcasts, events or services on another person's wall... especially without their permission. You have a wall. This is your billboard. Populate your own space with your own announcements. Consider this: It's not polite to randomly barge into someone's house, find the dinner party and start a random sales pitch, right? The same concept applies with people's walls: avoid becoming a walking billboard. Create your own dinner party: put your information on your own page or group (create one if you do not have one), blog, etc. Don't litter others' networking space because you want to sell something. This can feel violating to the person whose wall has been hijacked for sales pitches. Are you wondering if someone can help you in your advertising goals?  See Tip #7.

2) Compliments don't constitute permission to start spamming.

If someone comments that you your product is nice, please to not take this as permission to then start posting every update about it on their wall. Again, you have a wall. That is your space. Use it well. 


3) Honor Blogs and YouTube spaces as a person's personal networking space.

Do not post advertisements for your product, services or event on another person's blog comments or YouTube comments. This also is considered spam. On rare cases it may be appropriate when related to the discussion, but note this word: rare. Rarely is this appropriate. Create your own stuff and post it to your own blog or YouTube space. Kindly be respectful of people's established networking sites. They've usually worked hard to get there.


4) Tag Tactfully:

Tagging should be used judiciously when you're doing it for the purpose of self-promotion. This can be a spammy and frustrating experience for the site owner. They now have to make a decision on whether to allow the spam on the wall to try not to hurt the poster's feelings, or to remove it because their wall's purpose does not include not include someone else's wares.

5) Public Groups & Forums:

Before posting adverstisements for your latest podcast, event, product, or blog in a forum group page that you do not own, check with the moderators or forum owner for rules about self-promotion. Even if you consider your offering free and a wonderful public service, when people are trying to have discussions, over-zealous postings of advertisements can feel intrusive, amateurish, and pushy. If the site you have is educational and related to the subject matter of the specific forum, it may be appropriate to post it, but again, check forum rules.

6) Respect Relationships.

If you do not already have a relationship with someone, some people feel like they are being used if another person steps in out of nowhere to expose a product when you've never met.  Also, a few random friendly emails do not constitute the right to advertise on someone's wall. To be quite honest, I wouldn't even post an advertisement on my best friend's wall; I would be overstepping even that boundary. Please be respectful of relationships that are formed through social networking and avoid invasive sales moves.

7) Always ask first, accept a polite "no," and don't abuse permission when granted.

Always ask before advertising on anyone's wall. Many of us enjoy helping bring exposure to other people, especially when done tactfully. Often I'm happy to post links to my wall for other people. I often prefer to post the link myself so people know I'm endorsing the product. However, if the page owner says no or "just this once," please don't take it personally, as advertising is not the reason most people have set up social network pages. And please don't post constant updates or new wares on someone's page. Your personal wall is your friend.

What have you experienced?

What advertising faux pas habits do you find impolite or violating?

How have you handled this? Did it work?

Let's talk!

 Here's wishing you polite self-promotion,




Tarot Changes Lives

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 9, 2014 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Shown, the Hermit from The Pen Tarot,

a Majors-only deck

There is something remarkable that happens when someone asks to come to tarot when they are in pain .... and the reader reaches back with an expression of gentleness, love and support. This vault of wisdom seems to open wide. To watch the person be wrapped in love, coming to understand the larger process of their story, their is a truly remarkable thing to witness.

It also shows a reader with a true empathic gift when helplessness becomes hope, and pain becomes a more meaningful part of an approach to a goal that is better, higher, wanted. This unconditional space of listening and guiding is a bonding experience.

Tarot helps build lives. It changes people. It betters the world.