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Conversational Podcast with Andrew Kyle McGregor

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 11, 2016 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm honored that Andrew Kyle McGregor of The Hermit's Lamp invited me to his podcast for some good cartomancy conversation.

We talked about Tarot & Lenormand and how their perceptions vary, reality paradigms in the cards, reader variabilities, reading ethics, and psychology vs fortune-telling traits in readings...and more!

To listen in, CLICK HERE.

Gratitude to Andrew for inviting me.  Learn more about Andrew at his website,



Lenormand Predicts the Superbowl Win

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 10, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

This weekend, on the morning of Feb. 7, 2016 (Superbowl Sunday),

I posted this card spread (pictured above) and the following prediction:

My Superbowl spread.

Deck : The Lenormand Revolution

A 6 card reading for each team, with 2 bonus cards at the bottom for added information on each team.

Left, Denver Broncos,

Right, Carolina Panthers

So far the cards have been 9 out of 9 games correct in predicting the winner for past, recent games. Let's see if they're still good to me tonight. The Broncos are not the favored team to win by the football experts, but my cards are favoring them as the winner tonight. I like Peyton Manning, so I'm hoping for their win, too

As it turns out, the cards were correct again, which meant it predicted 10/10 games correct. This is an exciting track record for the cards and demonstrates their practical usefulness in foreseeing events.

Details in this spread:

was asked if I could explain some of the details I saw in the cards. So here is a detailed breakdown of what I saw and the thought process I went through while reading the cards. The following was posted on my Facebook page:

For those who saw me post my Super Bowl spread yesterday that predicted the win by the Broncos, I want to share what I saw. I am so excited to see the accuracy of the cards was 10 out of 10 games correct in this season. And each spread added a tidbit of information about that particular game that was amazing.

This 6 card spread is my favorite and most-used spread. It's one I use daily.  You'll see an additional 2 cards below each spread. I'll address those bonus cards shortly.

 1     2     3

   4     5     6  

(Bonus cards A + B at bottom)

I first asked if the Broncos would win, and threw down the 6 cards for the Broncos (image below).

There are some good cards here, and the Key and Garden are great, and the Lilies shows long-term harmony. Fish at the outset shows a powerful financial gain when followed by the long-term Lilies. It's like an investment. Key says "Yes" with these lovely cards around it.

I then put 6 cards down for the Panthers and asked if they would win (see below).

Tower and Cross is Iike saying "The enterprise falls." And they have had a series of consistent wins this season to come out on top, so this would ring true to them if they lost. There have had a very good season and lucky and long-term cards such as clover, anchor, and ring came up. But the final card is the road, which means a departure (think of taking an exit from the road you've been on). This does not mean a departure from the NFL. I think a good way to explain it would be that if we are asking about a win, that this is the corporate industry (Tower) of football hierarchy. The winners stay in and move forward to the next level. Those who don't win are eliminated from the pool this year. So a lose would indicate a departure from that pool that represents the hierarchy that leads to the Super Bowl, or the ultimate winners. So Tower/Cross indicates a grievous loss, and Tower/Road indicates a departure from the hierarchy or pool.

The Cross and Road are two cards here that suggest a negative answer, and the road being the final card is of particular significance. It's the final punctuation. I also read the first card (Tower) with the last card (Road) in this spread, which means "exiting the industry." So when it comes to the football industry and asking specifically about the Superbowl Win, this bodes as a "no." The Cross indicates significant grief in this departure. But it doesn't mean quitting the football industry/enterprise. The question is about winning a game. This is an exit to the hierarchy of winning.

The Fox card at the end of my football prediction spreads has come to mean a tie or very, very close game that has significant "tie" tension at the end. I noticed that neither spread contained the Fox card at all this time, so I made a comment to my BF that it did NOT feel like this was going to be a close game this time.

The 2 Bonus Cards:


Next I drew 2 extra (additional) cards for each team and asked for additional information about the team or game. These are each read as a separate 2-card mini-combo. These are just added nuggets to play with. You'll see these cards at the bottom of each six-card spread.

The Broncos got Man and Clouds. In the comments under the original picture of the spread, @Tina Hardt quipped that she saw "Manning finishes with a mild concussion." I have to admit, while I didn't see it was specifically Manning, I also wondered if someone would suffer a head injury on the Bronco's team. One player did, but in talking to my BF before the game, he said he wondered if this indicated confusion about what to do with Manning after a win like this. Apparently Manning wants to retire after this season and has been on the bench for much of the season due to an injury. He played recently and did very well after fans wondered if his replacement player would end up being a permanent replacement for him because he was doing so well (some felt better than Manning). I hear Manning has one more year on his contract, but they are wondering whether to keep him on the bench or allow him to continue being their primary quarterback. So this win may be instigating those discussions and its impact on finances (go back to the original Fish card at the outset of this spread, the Birds and Garden meaning discussion by the team or community at large.

The two additional cards for the Panthers were Sun and Snake. These were VERY significant to the interpretation I brought into the prediction. The Sun to me is "the BIG win" and last year it represented the actual Super Bowl win in 2 readings I did on the Patriots. But followed by Snake here is very, very bad. Therefore, Sun and Snake here instantly brought me to "Win trouble! Fail!"

A funny meaning Sun/Snake gave to me *after* the game was over is.... If Sun is exposing something and Snake indicates something bad...this could also mean "The Ads Sucked!" (Marketing fail) wink emoticon And yes, Tina, I totally agree with your interpretation of "Carolina's glory under attack!"

I hope this is helpful to those observing this spread and prediction, and I would be curious to hear any additional comments or things you saw in your own spreads.



How to Ask Negative Questions of the Lenormand (Flip It!)

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 3, 2016 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (2)

The above cards are from an actual reading (deck shown:" target="_blank">Le Fanu's Destroyed Dondorf Lenormand).

The client asked: "Is he lying to me?"

Setting Up Your Question/Reading for Success:
Positive and Negative Card for Answers

When learning how to do yes/no questions for Lenormand, one of the first things you'll need to do is note the positive or negative attributes of cards. This works great when you have a positive question that requires a positive answer for a yes, "Will I get the job after this interview?" or "Will my love interest ask me for a date?"

However, if you word a question in such a way that the Lenormand is forced to answer negatively for a yes "Is the diagnosis going to be bad for me?"  or "Is she out to get me?" .... you have now set up your reading to fail. If a "bad" or negative card comes up...has that flipped to a "yes?" or does it mean no?  See how confusing things suddenly became?

Prepare for a Clear & Successful Reply

Let's talk about how to set up the same question for success.  You must setup a clear language system for communication between you and your cards. You have to be speaking the same language.

The cards above are a real reading where the querent wanted to know "Is he lying?" But this would mean that negative cards that typically mean "yes" would now require a no to indicate a "yes."  Fox and Snake are usually "no" cards, but here we may seek them for a "yes" because they suggest betrayal or dishonesty. So if a negative card comes up....what do we do with it?  Fox is negative, but it also means "a lie."  So is it a "yes" or a "no?"

Keep the question, but FLIP IT.

Flip the question so you're asking the same thing but approach it so you NEVER require a negative card to reflect a positive/affirmative "yes."

So instead of, "Did he lie?" ask "Did he tell the truth?"  If he did lie, you'll still get the answer of betrayal from the cards.

Flipping Questions from Negative to Positive

Let's try a few other examples.

Instead of "Is she betraying me?" (would Sun mean Yes? or would Snake?), ask something like, "Is she acting in a loyal manner to me?" Now the answer will be clear.

Instead of "will I get laid off?" (will Coffin mean "no," or the ending of the job?, or will Sun indicate "Yes, it's lost?"), ask "Will I continue to work in this job for the next _________ (state time frame)." Now you know what Coffin or Sun would mean.

Lastly, instead of asking, "Is this veterinarian a bad choice?" ask, "Is this veterinarian the best choice for my dog's health care?"

Don't change the question you're seeking,

but rather set up the answer for clarity & success

To clarify: it's not that you can't seek answers to negative situations, but rather word your question for clarity when the cards attempt to answer you. Set yourself up for a clear reply. "Yes" should be positive cards, "no" should be negative cards. So never set it up so a yes would require a negative card for a yes.

So readers....

What is the answer to the Lenormand reading pictured above?

For the cards above, we want to know whether the man is being honest. Note that here, the question was NOT "Did he lie?" ..although that is what she wanted to know. Had we asked that, if negative cards are supposed to mean no and positive cards yes, you'll confuse yourself with the reply. So ....she wanted to know if he lied, so we get clarity by flipping it to "Is he being honest? " So then, positive cards would mean yes as it usually does and negative cards would be warnings. Same information, clearer approach.




Her Question: "Is he being honest?"


Lenormand's Answer: There is a little lie, but don't worry about it.

Card interpretation: See him in a good light (man/Bouquet). The key (Key) here is that he has to be slick (Key/Fox). Consider it like a little white lie (Fox/Lily, Key/Sun). Give him a hall pass this time (two good cards at the end show peace and joy (Lily/Sun). The little lie may even be fully exposed (Sun) in the future (right column), and you'll see it is a peaceful and harmless (Lily) one. But yes, right now a little white lie has settled in (Fox/Key says "yes").


Here's wishing you clear and successful readings!



A Peek at the Deviant Moon Tarot Book!

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 21, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

A Secret Peek at The Deviant Moon Tarot book by Patrick Valenza

There is something about a book that is magical and timeless. Its ability to transport us to different times and places, or into the mind perspective and imagination of another person is nothing short of miraculous. And yet still, there are some books that are further set apart from the others by their dazzling, memorable magic and unforgettable journeys.

The Deviant Moon Tarot, a forthcoming book by Patrick Valenza, is an absolutely decadent dessert full of succulently sinful wonders. And for all its richness, it won't make your waist any thicker, though it will brighten dark corners of your day and satiate your appetite for more. If you have fallen in love with the Deviant Moon Tarot, the book about the deck is an absolute must-have that will add much insight to the details in your deck.

This is no small book.

This hefty coffee table monster is large, measuring 8.25 x 10.5 inches on its hard cover and is 1.25 inches thick with a whopping 340 pages. The cover has an embossed glossy sheen and a slightly raised texture when one's fingers are brushed across its cover. You will be tempted to massage the cover as I was. When you move the book in the light, moonlight dances across the raised embossing and shards of light glint off the gold and silver embellishments. Below is the opened book with my large, Android Galaxy 5 phone it for size comparison.

The inside covers of this book features an aged, rustic newsprint-look (image above). Several hilarious spoofs of advertisements feature Valenza's curious crew of caricatures. The paper quality of this book's pages is exquisite, smooth like cream, with a rich, clear sheen to the ink. The pages are not pure white, but instead have a faint digital texture that resembles parchment paper. This is a high quality book through and through.

When I asked Valenza what inspired him to create the humorous advertisement-inspired cartoons to the inside covers, he said, "Back in the '70s, Wendy's restaurants had old time newspaper ads printed on their tables....I loved reading them as a kid----somehow they got mixed up with the deviant moon!"


What's in the book?

This book's content is centered around Valenza's actual creation of the Deviant Moon Tarot deck, how it was created and how to read it. You'll enter the mind of the author and go on a wild ride of beings that reside on the side of dreams. Valenza's well-loved tarot deck is one of the most popular modern decks available today.

Through this book, you'll learn about the birth of the unique characters in the deck, many by happy accidents and others through very conscious shifting of designs. He also describes pieces and items found within the cards that add to meanings. I was surprised to learn that he would often craft clay items of things found in his deck to assist in his drawing process, and photographs of these crafts are included.

Valenza describes how he merged photo-manipulation with his card images to add textures. "Instead of painting the cards as I did in my youth, I decided to use my photo collection to create the deck digitally." He explains, "I simply scanned the old cards into the computer where I applied various photographic textures. I bent, twisted and reformed the tombstone photos to become the capes, boots, hats and robes worn by the Deviant Moon citizens. Using the photos I took from the insane asylum, I created all the background buildings pictured in the cards. Rotted doors, windows and walls became castles, factories and cities."

View the table of contents below, to see how the book is arranged:


You may find a few shivers in The Deviant Moon Tarot deck. It sometimes shocks its audience with its eclectic, wild and often insane characters, who flaunt additional limbs and show split counterparts to their faces, a brilliant combination of duality. Add to that the rich images and textures that color these characters and their environments, with the colors gleaned directly from insane asylums as well as actual gravestone inclusions.  Add Valenza's dream-like story-telling through pictures, and you'll see why this deck is quite often described as both whimsical and "dark," Patrick clarifies the darkness of the deck in his book, however. He writes, "On first impressions, the Deviant Moon Tarot may appear to some as a dark deck. However, in the following pages, you will find that is hardly the case. This is a deck about self-empowerment. The Deviant Moon merely asks you to look within yourself and to face your fears."

Information about each card...


The book explains in delightful detail how each card image was inspired, and this is where I found the true magic unfold. Many of the images originated when Valenza was just a boy and he includes photographic images of his original childhood sketches along with images of the structures that created the textures he used in the cards. Valenza includes a generous section for every card about both upright as well as reversed meanings. Readers will find the depth of this information invaluable to their readings.

The Major and Minor Arcana cards are treated with equal weight with the generous portions of information provided. Want more? Every card explanation is accompanied by a gorgeous, large, full-page and full-color image of each card in the deck, larger than life and with astounding color, textures and details.You'll see things in this book that didn't make it into the deck: a peek backstage! These gorgeous images surpass even the beauty of the images in his deck because with the increased size is increased clarity and detail. The font is a delightful dance: easy on the eyes and a pleasure to read.


I think my favorite part of the book is when Valenza describes the birth of his Temperance card angel as being through a "happy accident" or two when he tried painting for the first time at the age of 12 when he was home sick from school. This serendipitous mistake created a powerful technique he used for many of the Deviant Moon citizens shown in the deck. I also loved the actual photographic resource images Valenza includes of the insane asylum and graveyards that were used to photograph texture featured throughout the deck. The merging of digital art and manual drawing intrigued me, and I wished I could see a fast-forward of Valenza creating a card from start to finish. Even Valenza's very young daughter had a significant influence on the deck's creation: her actual hands are featured on many of the Deviant Moon characters and her opinions even shifted the entire Pentacles suit, a very interesting story that shows his dedication to the crafting of this deck!

This book would make a wonderful gift (even to oneself!) and it makes a strikingly proud and intriguing display on a coffee table. It can be read in long bouts of book binges, or in short spurts of daily breaks. I read it behaving much like I do when I'm starved for a good meal and I can't decide whether to wolf it down as fast as possible or to enjoy every delectable microsecond of its delicacy in slow motion. I was constantly torn between the impulse to binge and the realization that there were thousands of textures, tastes and details to focus heart definitely started to beat faster with great glee as I turned the pages.

Above, Valenza reveals many of the texture resources displayed in the colorful characters of his deck. This is just one page sample of many that will tantalize lovers of this deck.

I asked Valenza about the time involved in such an enormous book that contains so many memories and attention to details. He replied, "It took nearly 3 years to write...sometimes one letter at a time. I really give writers A LOT of credit! I originally thought it would take 3 months....surprise! I used to wake up at 3 in the morning to work in complete silence. When creating the deck, many images just "appeared" in my mind, but writing the book made me go back and analyze the aftermath."

CLICK on the image below or CLICK HERE for a 15 second peek under the hood...

Let's open the book together for 10 seconds.....

click on the image below, or CLICK HERE.

You'll see cards and images that were discarded and redone,

a peek behind the curtain at what no one has seen before....

clickon the image below, or CLICK HERE for a taste...

In the Deviant Moon book, every single card, both Major and Minor Arcana, contains info on inspiration for the card's inception, both upright and reversed meanings, and more details about how the card developed. So much juicy information. to read and adds great depth to your readings. ..

Click on the image below or CLICK HERE for a 15 second video sample.

How to buy this book...




The Deviant Moon Tarot book is not yet shown online and won't be available for purchase or pre-order until it is actually in stock at, which will be in just a few more weeks. The price is expected to be $39.95. It will also be featured once stock is available.



Look for this book in just a few weeks through U.S. Games, Inc., and

This is a 5-star book, highly recommended and not to be missed.

Want the actual Deviant Moon Tarot deck?

You can get it here, and the borderless version (my personal favorite) can be found here.



I'm Writing a Book

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 14, 2016 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (6)

I always feel blessed to have people around the world ask me each week when I'll write a book about the Lenormand. My answer to them has always been a grateful redirection to my other resources. I do, however, now have some fun news that tickles me pink.

I just signed a contract with U.S. Games to create a Lenormand book! 

My goal is to complete the manuscript by the end of summer, so I'll be working very hard to keep this deadline. 

The next beautiful chapter of my life begins. heart emoticon THANK YOU heart emoticon to U.S. Games for approaching me to do this. I am beyond honored and very excited to create something that I hope will make you very, very proud.

I LOVE to see people inspired to use the Lenormand system, and my hope is that this opportunity will continue to widen the audience who can use this most remarkable, honest, succinct language of cards. I'll be very busy writing for quite some time absorbing myself with my favorite passion: the lovely, lovely Lenormand!

~ Donnaleigh

New Year/Old Year Life Experience Spread.

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 5, 2016 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

It's the first week of a new year. 
What did last year teach you? Was the experience meaningful?
What will next year bring?

Try this quick 4 card New Year/Old Year spread to help bring personal insight and clarity
to your life experience.


Draw 4 cards randomly from your favorite tarot or oracle deck to search the following insights:

Card 1)  What tarot card would describe your 2015 experience?
Card 2)  How did this energy benefit  your soul's existence?

Card 3)  What card will best represent your 2016 experience?
Card 4) How will this energy benefit your soul's experience?

Wishing you meaningful insight on your life experience,


New Nuance on the House Card (and Fox)

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 3, 2016 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)
available from U.S. Games Systems, Inc., in just a couple of weeks.

House and Home....

While predicting football games using Lenormand cards, I inadvertently discovered a new nuance meaning for the Lenormand "House" card...


We follow the Patriots, and we've been having great fun using the cards to predict the results of the games prior to them starting. So far, the cards have been 8 out of 8 predicted games correct, with little details thrown in suggesting what we might see happen in each game.

When the Patriots played against the Jets this past week, we asked whether the Pats would win, and this picture above shows the spread we got: (House, Anchor, Fox). The initial "House" card immediately took my mind to the word "Home" and I saw that the home team (Jets) would be favored. Quite literally, House meant "Home" team.

Fox at the end suggested "No" to my question of the Pats winning (Fox means "wrong"), and the cards before the Fox explain that the home team ("House" card") was favored ("Anchor card").  Anchor follows the House/Home card and so it describes the card before it. The Anchor gives the Home team a description of "longevity" or "staying put."


So to put these 3 simple cards into a brief sentence using their descriptor meanings:


Stability (Anchor) of the home team (House) (the Jets) via a slick maneuver (Fox).

Another Fox discovery....


Also, regarding the Fox at the end: this is the 3rd game where there was a tie or near tie that was manipulated at the end with a slick move (this also happened in the last Superbowl). So I'm seeing repeatedly that Fox as a last card can indicate a very close win or lose that depends on one move to trip the score at the tail end of the game, a slick maneuver to tip the scale.

Further clarification on the game:

I drew 3 more cards for further clarification on my question regarding the Patriots winning this game. Interestingly, a the cards were:

Dog, Tree and Lilies.

These cards suggest that the the lose may not be a long-term problem to the Pats in the big picture. Dog is loyalty to the team presented in our question (Pats was the team I asked about winning), and staying true. Tree indicates "long term" (tree is long term stability), and Lilies corroborates long term harmony.   So this clarification suggests that the Patriots may still fare well even with this game's loss.

As it turns out, this particular game was more of a throw-away game for the Patriots; even with the loss, they are still in the playoffs that may lead them to something bigger like the Superbowl.

I'd love to hear about literal card nuances you might find in your readings.

It's the literal nature of the cards that often makes them so much fun.

Enjoy your Lenormand journey!



My Daily Videos on Instragram

Posted by Donnaleigh on December 10, 2015 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I've had several people contact me to ask if I could please create more educational
YouTube videos on My YouTube Channel
I've been very busy living (playing!) and apologize that I haven't had the time to put together more YouTube instructional videos and edit them. I did, however, discover Instagram.
This has been a great, fast outlet for me!

Instagram is a free app you can download onto your mobile device,
and while Instagram only allows a maximum of 15 seconds per video upload, 
this is perfect for someone like me as I have very little time these days. It is also perfect for busy viewers who lead multi-tasking lives who want little commitment but a consistent source.

So....if you've not discovered it yet, I introduce to you my daily

As of today, I've posted probably about 200 videos (and growing daily) on my Instagram account. I post one every day and have been pretty faithful with my daily uploads.

These mini videos are great, fast learning tools for anyone interested in the Lenormand, Tarot, and even occasional Runes make an appearance.

And while you're there, check out all the other great card readers there. You may find diifferent people than you find on other social networks like Facebook. The visuals are stunning, and I find the card pictures on Instagram are inspiring and even more creative than those I see on sites like Facebook. Enjoy the eye candy!

Hope to see you there!


See With the Heart

Posted by Donnaleigh on December 10, 2015 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."
From The Little Prince


Tarot Pink Deck - A Healing, Collaborative Deck

Posted by Donnaleigh on December 9, 2015 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I am honored to have been a part of a collaborative deck project, The Tarot Pink for Cancer tarot deck. This beautiful project is a deck created by 65 of the tarot community's most accomplished writers and artists, in order to focus on a message of healing and empowerment.

I chose the 7 of Swords, after waiting to see which cards would be left once the other artists chose their first options. This is often tough card in many ways, but I had some thoughts on it.

My version of the 7 of Swords card is pictured above. 

Typically, the 7 of Swords card represents something that is taken or thieved from us. Because this is a healing deck highlighting healing messages, instead I focused on what NEEDS to be taken from us. In other words:

"What needs to be taken away

in order to allow healing to happen?"

Because some things may cling to us (or we may cling to them) and we may be reluctant to let go of even those things that may not be in our best interest, this card focuses on that which we need to consider releasing.

The traditional 7 of Swords card in the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck represents something thieved or taken away....

The Tarot Pink deck is available as a printed deck,

and will soon be available as a beautiful digital app you can download to your phone or tablet.

This deck would make an excellent gift to yourself, or for anyone you know who might be on a healing journey.

As of the date of this blog, the Tarot Pink deck can still be purchased through Gamecrafter at THIS link, or at

To view a video showcasing more cards in this deck, clink on the YouTube video shown below. 

If you are unable to see the video below, go to: